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Thank You For Standing Up for What’s Right, Simon Wiesenthal Center

One of the largest international Jewish human rights organizations is calling on the Israeli parliament member who ripped pages from the Bible to apologize.

There is no excuse for abusing the sacred scripture of any other religion,” said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, director of interfaith affairs at the center, in a statement Wednesday.

“Israel from its inception guarantees religious freedoms and mutual respect for holy sites and objects of all its citizens. Israelis of all persuasions and backgrounds welcome the friendship and support of members of all faiths,” Cooper and Adlerstein said. “Thank God Israel is not Saudi Arabia, where keeping a Christian Bible, let alone a Torah, Talmud or Siddur is a criminal offense. We urge MK Ben-Ari to apologize for his act and to find appropriate ways to strengthen Jewish identity and loyalty”

The Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center was reprimanding Michael Ben-Ari, a member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. Ben-Ari was photographed ripping up pages from the New Testament and throwing it in the trash.

Via Thomas Bolin on the FB.  The Center is one of the few voices of sanity in this travesty.

A Fitting Hymn For Today

The Creation Museum Can’t Even Get Luther Right

How on earth can they get something right even more remote?  Do take a look at the photo the kindly Laine uploaded to twitter from the Creation Museum.  See if you can spot the numerous errors of historical representation:

Where to begin.  Ok how bout with the most obvious- Luther didn’t write anything in English.  Second, Luther never said ‘Here I stand’ at the Diet, he said ‘God help me’.  The ‘here I stand’ bit is nothing more than later legend.  And finally, Luther nailed the 95 Theses to the church door- in Latin!  I’m not sure what the ‘quote’ is supposed to be from but it isn’t found in any translation of Luther known to me.  Source needed, Creation Museum, source needed!

The Creation Museum doesn’t know Jack about Martin.  I shudder to think what other egregious errors the ignorant public are being fed there.  Shudder.  Literally.  They clearly need to spend some of the money they’re collecting from that public and hire some actual scholars to take a look at their displays.  Seriously.  Whoever has done so is a dilettante concerning Luther.

Bolin Reviews Thompson

Or more precisely, Tom Bolin reviews the new collection of essays edited by the team of Thompson/ Verenna.  Wisely, he ignored my trifle and instead focused on the highlights.  Give ‘er a look.

The Ugly, Ugly Truth About America Is Exposed In The Aurora Shooting

What is it?  It’s this:

The truth [about this tragedy] is made worse by the reality that no one—really no one—anywhere on the political spectrum has the courage to speak out about the madness of unleashed guns and what they do to American life. That includes the President, whose consoling message managed to avoid the issue of why these killings take place. Of course, we don’t know, and perhaps never will, what exactly “made him” do what he did; but we know how he did it. Those who fight for the right of every madman and every criminal to have as many people-killing weapons as they want share moral responsibility for what happened last night—as they will when it happens again. And it will happen again.

As I’ve said for years.  And still our cowardly politicians are too spineless to stand up for what’s right and not what will fill their campaign coffers.  The ugly, ugly truth about America is that our leaders don’t deserve the title because when we need their leadership most, they lie fallow like piles of manure on a field of flies.

E-Sword Users, You Can Also Get Tozer’s Works Now As Well

Here.  Some awfully good stuff is to be found in Tozer (and as you have probably noticed over time, I cite him regularly).

E-Sword Users, The Textual Commentary of Metzger is Now Available


Monsters Come With Pleasant Smiles

Our local news outlet has released a photo of the Aurora, Colorado monster James Holmes.

Monsters have pleasant smiles, but within they are filled with evil to the very brim, enfleshing it and personifying it.  Here’s the true face of Satan in one of its many manifestations.

Quote of the Day

“The more fascinated we become with the toys of this world the more we forget that there’s another world to come.” AW Tozer

A Recent Essay By Martin Leuenberger

“»… und ein zweischneidiges Schwert in ihrer Hand« (Ps 149,6). Beobachtungen zur theologiegeschichtlichen Verortung von Ps 149“. It appears in E. Zenger (Ed.), The Composition of the Book of Psalms (BEThL 238) Leuven 2010, 635–642, and Martin has made it available on Academia.edu.

What Is Our Hope?

One word- Christ. As Zwingli so correctly says

We have neither silver nor gold wherewith to satisfy him, but he urges us to hasten to him with joyfulness, to drink freely. Who has ever shown himself so liberal an innkeeper among men as to suffer his wine to be poured out and distributed without charge save Christ alone, who bestows his blessings free so plentifully? And if we shall not seize the favour that offers itself to us thus freely, what hope awaits us? What excuse, pray, shall we make?


Romans and Reception History: A Forthcoming Volume

Oh does this look good!

Ekkehard W. Stegemann legt seit Jahrzehnten den Römerbrief aus. Er erforscht dabei immer auch die Geschichte der Römerbriefauslegung und macht ihre Wege und Irrwege fruchtbar für die heutige Rezeption. In diesem Band sind wirkmächtige Auslegungen des Römerbriefs in dessen Auslegungsgeschichte analysiert. Stegemann zeigt auf, dass sich für Paulus an der Wahrnehmung der Bedeutung Israels klassische und moderne Modelle von Hermeneutik scheiden. Das gilt auch für die neueren kulturhistorischen Zugänge, mit denen er sich besonders auseinandersetzt.

Oh my.  Must read!

Esther and Handel

“Esther”. Exegetisch-theologische Beobachtungen zur Rezeption des biblischen Stoffs bei Georg Friedrich Haendel is a new essay up at Academia.edu. Give it a read. Fun stuff!

Murder in Colorado: More Death Courtesy the NRA

A gunman opened fire early Friday at a movie theater in a Denver suburb, killing 14 people and leaving at least 50 others injured, Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said.

Thank you, NRA, for encouraging the civilized world’s most lax gun laws so that the firearms companies that pay you bribes can make massive profits.  You’ll only be satisfied when the only people left alive are the CEO’s of those companies.

The shooting occurred during a showing of the latest Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, police said. The violence erupted about 12:30 a.m. MDT as the gunman stood at the front of one of the Century 16 theaters at the Aurora Mall.  “Witnesses tell us he released some sort of canister. They heard a hissing sound and some gas emerged and the gunman opened fire,” Oates said at a news conference.  One suspect is in custody and there’s no evidence of any additional shooters, Oates said.  There was no immediate word of any motive.

Motive?  I can tell you the motive- a lunatic was able to get a gun because in America any idiot can get a gun and he used it in his own little quest for fame.  That’s his motive.  The tool of evil.

Thank you, Congress, for being the slave of the NRA- you cowardly, spineless, self serving sons of Satan.

Guns don’t kill people- every evil miscreant with a wish to own one and said ownership made possible by the NRA does.