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Logos Academic on the Twitter

Logos seems to have put together a new twittering thing account.  It’s here.  It may be useful to those of you who make use of the 140 character limit thingie.  In the words of Calvin, who when asked about saying something briefly-

If Terry Jones Got Burned Alive (Rightly, and Metaphorically) for Burning the Quran, What Should Happen to an Israeli MP who Tore up a New Testament??

Let’s see if the biased one sided illogical ‘Christian’ Zionists let this pass in silence.  I won’t.

An Israeli lawmaker tore up a copy of the New Testament to protest against the dissemination of the “despicable book,” which was sent to members of parliament by a Christian organization.  MP Michael Ben Ari of the ultra-nationalist National Union opposition party was one of the Knesset members who received by mail on Monday a copy of the “Book of Testaments.”It contains the Jewish Bible, known to Christians as the Old Testament, and the New Testament, the Gospels and epistles of the Christian faith written after the time of Jesus.  A letter sent with the book from the Bible Society in Israel director Victor Kalisher said the new edition “sheds light on the holy scriptures and helps understand them. In addition, the references show the close correlation” between the two.  “We hope the book will help you and illuminate your way,” Kalisher wrote.  A picture published on Israeli news website NRG-Maariv taken by Ben Ari’s aide shows the lawmaker tearing up the book.  “This despicable book galvanised the murder of millions of Jews during the Inquisition and during auto da fe instances,” he was quoted as saying in reference to the New Testament.   “This is an ugly missionary provocation by the church; this book and its senders should be in history’s trash can,” Ben Ari said on NRG-Maariv.

VILE!  Will Israelis stand silent?  Or will they protest this as loudly as we protested Terry Jones.  Let’s see.  So far, nothing but silence both from the Israelis and the ‘Christian’ Zionists- so I guess we have our answer.  If a Jew does it, no matter what it is, it’s ok.

The Boy Scouts Continue their Ban on Gay Leaders

After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday emphatically reaffirmed its policy of excluding gays, ruling out any changes despite relentless protest campaigns by some critics. A special committee formed by top Scout leaders in 2010 “came to the conclusion that this policy is absolutely the best policy for the Boy Scouts,” the organization’s national spokesman, Deron Smith, told the Associated Press. Smith said the committee, comprised of professional scout executives and adult volunteers, was unanimous in its conclusion — preserving a long-standing policy that was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2000 and has remained controversial.

Doubtless this too will end up back at the Supreme Court even though the decision rendered is sensible. Why? Because we Americans do love our own way and when we don’t get it, we whine. We whine to high heaven until just to shut us up, we’re given what we pretend we need- much the same way that Israel begged and whined for a king and in disgust, at God’s command, Samuel gave in and gave them one- to their destruction.

God Bless the Students of Penn State

Paternoville will now be Nittanyville. The Penn State student group that manages the area outside Beaver Stadium where students camp out for prime football tickets has changed the name of the tent city that spouts up the week before home games in Happy Valley.  The also-renamed Nittanyville Coordination Committee said Monday that student officers decided the name change would “return the focus to the overall team and the thousands of students who support it.”

Thank God for students like those- who respect education and educational institution more than they respect the cult of personality which so enflames college sports and which leads to the very cover ups and misdeeds now made so famous by the Paterno/ Sandusky duet.  My hat’s off to you, kids at PSU.  May your tribe increase and the tribe of the idolaters disappear from the face of the earth.

Let The Suits Commence

Needle in your sandwich?  On an airline?  Sue the airline.  It’s the American way.

One of the airline passengers who bit into a sandwich containing a one-inch needle earlier this week has now been put on antiretroviral drugs used for the treatment of HIV, and says the FBI is investigating the incidents aboard four Delta Air Lines flights as a criminal case.  James Tonges said he was placed on the drug Truvada, which has recently been approved by the FDA, following the incident aboard a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis-St. Paul. Half a dozen sewing needles have now been found in sandwiches on four separate Delta flights, and Tonges, who was sitting in his flight’s business elite cabin, was unfortunate to have bitten into one of them.

Sue away, after all, it’s obvious that Delta hates its passengers and wants to harm them so they had needles put in food they didn’t prepare.  Oh wait, it must be the caterer that did it.  Yes then, sue the caterer, because we all know that caterers like their patrons to die.

Sue, sue, sue.  You’ll never sue the person or persons actually responsible but can that really matter?  I don’t see how it could because the object of suits isn’t justice, it’s money.

If War is Lawful, What Sort of Soldiers Should We Field?

It might seem an odd question but it’s one that exercised Heinrich Bullinger rather a lot.  On the 17th of July,  1532 he published a book about ‘war with the Turks‘ in which he touched on the subject of war and the Church’s responsibility in such things (he was generally opposed to Swiss intervention in wars which didn’t concern them- and in this respect he was very much Zwingli’s heir).

In his much later Decades he wrote, in connection with soldiers, these important lines-

Let the christian soldier, therefore, be idle at no time; let him ever be busy, and still doing something: let him be courageous, faithful to his country, ready to take pains, obedient to his captains, fit to take time when occasion is offered, and evermore occupied in warlike discipline; no effeminate milksop, but of manly stomach; not cruel and merciless, but severe and pitiful, as time requireth.

What he may preserve, that let him not destroy. But, above all things, let him not forget or think scorn, both in peril and out of peril, evermore to make his prayers and supplications to God his Saviour. In God’s name let him begin all things; without God let him attempt nothing: in adversity, and when he hath the overthrow, let not his courage quail, nor his heart and hope forsake him; in prosperity let him not be puffed up with pride and arrogancy, but let him give thanks to God, and use the conquest like a merciful victor: let him wholly depend upon God’s helping hand, and desire nothing rather than the defence of the commonweal, laws, religion, justice, and guiltless people.

Many, I know, will marvel to see me require at the hands of a soldier the things that seem to be enough, as the common saying is, to be looked for of a right good and godly man; as though, indeed, that none could be soldiers but irreligious and naughty men. Soldiers, I confess, are for the most part such kind of fellows: but what fruit, I pray you, reap we at this day of so evil seed? The Turks overrun and spoil us; we are to all the heathen a jesting-stock to laugh at; kingdoms decay and are made subject to devilish Mahometism, and every day we are wrapped in more miseries than other.

But what kind of soldiers they of old were, which went to the war from out of the church or congregation of the Christians, we may easily gather even by that one history, worthy the remembrance, which Tertullian to Scapula setteth down thus: “Marcus Aurelius also in his wars with the Germans, by the prayers which christian soldiers made unto God, obtained showers of rain in that great drought. At what time have not droughts been turned away by our prayers and fastings? Then the people crying out for joy to the God of gods, and the emperor himself, under the name of Jupiter, confessed the wonderful working of our God2.” Thus much Tertullian.

Christian soldiers, then, should be Christian!  And the soldiers we send to battle shouldn’t be the sorriest people we can assemble but the most devout.

That, at any rate, is how H.B. sees it