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Logos Academic on the Twitter

Logos seems to have put together a new twittering thing account.  It’s here.  It may be useful to those of you who make use of the 140 character limit thingie.  In the words of Calvin, who when asked about saying … Continue reading

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If Terry Jones Got Burned Alive (Rightly, and Metaphorically) for Burning the Quran, What Should Happen to an Israeli MP who Tore up a New Testament??

Let’s see if the biased one sided illogical ‘Christian’ Zionists let this pass in silence.  I won’t. An Israeli lawmaker tore up a copy of the New Testament to protest against the dissemination of the “despicable book,” which was sent … Continue reading

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The Boy Scouts Continue their Ban on Gay Leaders

After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday emphatically reaffirmed its policy of excluding gays, ruling out any changes despite relentless protest campaigns by some critics. A special committee formed by top Scout leaders in 2010 … Continue reading

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God Bless the Students of Penn State

Paternoville will now be Nittanyville. The Penn State student group that manages the area outside Beaver Stadium where students camp out for prime football tickets has changed the name of the tent city that spouts up the week before home … Continue reading

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Let The Suits Commence

Needle in your sandwich?  On an airline?  Sue the airline.  It’s the American way. One of the airline passengers who bit into a sandwich containing a one-inch needle earlier this week has now been put on antiretroviral drugs used for … Continue reading

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If War is Lawful, What Sort of Soldiers Should We Field?

It might seem an odd question but it’s one that exercised Heinrich Bullinger rather a lot.  On the 17th of July,  1532 he published a book about ‘war with the Turks‘ in which he touched on the subject of war … Continue reading

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