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That Strange Guy From South Korea…

Yeah, he sent an email defending  Sandusky’s protector Paterno.  Call me crazy but defending the defender’s of pedophiles is just a little more than inappropriate. An authentic Christian can no more tolerate pedophilia than he or she can tolerate murder … Continue reading

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Duty to the Neighbor

How extremely difficult it is for you to discharge your duty in seeking the advantage of your neighbour! Unless you quit all selfish considerations, and, as it were, lay aside yourself, you will effect nothing in this duty.  — John … Continue reading

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A Needed Warning Still Unheeded

Sinner, I threaten you again. Remember, it is but a short time you may have to hear these warnings. You imagine that your life will be long, but do you know how short it is? Have you ever tried to … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Translation of and Commentary On Isaiah

On 15 July, 1529 Huldrych Zwingli published his giant commentary on Isaiah, including his own translation, in Latin, of the text.  Included in the critical edition of Zwingli’s works in which his Isaiah commentary is found is also a spectacular … Continue reading

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Luther wrote in 1520 The more powerfully they [adversities] rise up, the more securely I laugh at them. I am determined to fear nothing in this and defy everything. Nice.  Sometimes in life you just have to man-up.  Sometimes you … Continue reading

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Led to Worship

[T]hey who have faith do not entertain a slight opinion as to God being the Creator of the world, but they have a deep conviction fixed in their minds and behold the true God. And further, they understand the power … Continue reading

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If You Wonder Why America Is Broke

You can thank our love of war-

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