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Not All Baptists are Anti-Calvin or Anti-Reformed

Another gem of a post over at Calvin 500 in the ‘Baptists and Calvinism’ series.  Here’s my favorite part- … A. T. Robertson, perhaps the finest Greek scholar of the Baptist tradition, while listing those whom he considered the best … Continue reading

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The Episcopal Church: The Inevitable Result, the Logical Conclusion of a Church Set Adrift by Ties to the State

The roots of the Anglican communion (and therefore the Episcopal Church) are so intertwined with the State that the inevitable result is the kind of unbiblical pseudo-theology presently on exhibition. When Theologians are replaced by politicians (and worse, when theologians … Continue reading

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Calvin: Only Those Who Feel Shame Have Hope

John Calvin observes (in his commentary on Romans, at chapter 1) [H]e who is ashamed is as yet healable; but when such an impudence is contracted through a sinful habit, that vices, and not virtues, please us, and are approved, … Continue reading

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John Calvin’s Letter to de Falais About Joel Watts

I know, you don’t believe me. But here it is. Look it up for yourself. Calvin wrote the letter which contains these lines on 14 October, 1543- I understand very well the difficulty in which you are placed if you … Continue reading

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It’s a fantastic volume.

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Calvin’s Prayer Pre-Lecture Compared to Zwingli’s

Here’s what Calvin prayed (most of the time) at the commencement of lectures: MAY the Lord grant, that we may engage in contemplating the mysteries of his heavenly wisdom with really increasing devotion, to his glory and to our edification.—AMEN. … Continue reading

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Calvin: In His Own Words

Toute la somme presque de nostre sagesse, laquelle, à tout conter, merite d’estre reputée vraye et entiere sagesse, est située en deux parties: c’est qu’en cognoissant Dieu, chacun de nous aussi se cognoisse. (Inst. I.1.1)

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Will You Be Excavating At Azekah?

Then there’s something you should know– TEAM MEMBER INFORMATION PACKET for the Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition and Tel Sochoh Excavations. Go to our website – http://archaeology.tau.ac.il/azekah/ or directly to: http://www.tau.ac.il/humanities/archaeology/azekah%20pack.pdf. Via Oded Lipschits and Ido Koch on FB. Related articles The … Continue reading

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Zwingli For Today: Hope in God

Whoever places all his hope in God, ascribes to him all good and worthy deeds, estimates nothing higher than the knowledge and love of God, such a one God does not allow to succumb to the numerous vices mentioned by … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Fearless Preaching

[H]e [the preacher] should not speak uncertainly as if he were giving out comments of his own, but he should be able to speak out confidently without hesitation in the name of God; just as Jeremiah in this passage [Jer … Continue reading

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The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digitization Project

This is great stuff!

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Bengel’s Gnomon

There are real gems in Bengel’s Gnomon. Like this one- Hypocrites often sink under mere dangers. Think about it.

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‘Who is My Neighbor?’ – Calvin’s Answer

It is astonishing that the scribes fell into the absurdity of limiting the word “neighbor” to those who are friendly. There is nothing clearer and more certain than that when God spoke of our neighbor, he meant to include the … Continue reading

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Goings On at Gath: Photos From Louise Hitchcock

Louise is working at Gath, looking, one presumes, for Goliath’s cereal bowl.  Until she finds that, she’s digging up some other cool stuff (along of course with the rest of the good folk there led by the inestimably gifted Aren … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Man’s Proclivity to Disguise his Sin

We know how men hide their evil deeds under all kinds of wrappings; and how by dressing them up in false colors they even win praise for them. Slyness and hateful cunning are called prudence. The man who cleverly tricks … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Predestination

The ground and first cause of our calling, as well as of all the good things we receive from God, the apostle presents [in Eph 3] as the eternal election of God. Therefore, if anyone asks why God has called … Continue reading

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Calvin: On Men’s Blindness to Faith

When life is turned into death, we must blame men’s evil for it. Besides, we must observe that God himself sometimes blinds the minds of men by depriving them of understanding and judgment; sometimes he does it through Satan and … Continue reading

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What Kind of Person Dislikes Calvin?

This kind… image via Brian Kelley on G+

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Calvin: On The Word of God and its Study

[T]his passage [Dt 12:32] teaches that all those who reject the daily exercise of learning the Scriptures are godless men and quench, so far as it is within their power, the grace of the Spirit. – John Calvin

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Calvin’s Letter to Bullinger on the Sacrament

Calvin wrote to Bullinger- With regard to the sacraments in general, we neither bind up the grace of God with them, nor transfer to them the work or power of the Holy Spirit, nor constitute them the ground of the … Continue reading

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