Tracking the Tombs of the Taliban, Oh Sorry, the Maccabeans…

Pretty much the same thing though, given the fact that the Maccabeans were more than willing to exterminate their theological foes in exactly the same way as the Taliban are at present.  Anyway, those ancient Taliban (oh shoot, I just keep doing that), I mean Maccabeans were all buried and the Jerusalem Report (a great publication) has the story of the quest for their final resting place…

Few ancient sites in the Holy Land have ignited the imagination like the lost tombs of the Maccabees, the family that led a Jewish rebel army to victory against Seleucid religious repression in the second century BCE.

Beginning more than 140 years ago, travelers, clergymen and enthusiastic scholars of varying levels of religious fervor and competence have been looking for the tomb site – described in contemporary sources as a magnificent Hellenistic monument that included pyramids and ships of carved stone and could be seen by sailors on the Mediterranean Sea, 18 miles away. The complex was one of the greatest man-made landmarks in ancient Judea.

No trace of it has ever been found.

Read Matti’s entire report, it’s really good.

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