Make Confession- to God: Zwingli on Confession

[Since], therefore, it is God alone who remits sins and puts the heart at rest, so to Him alone ought we to ascribe the healing of our wounds, to Him alone display them to be healed. For who ever uncovered a wound to any other than the physician or the person who he hoped could give him helpful advice? Just so is it with confession: it is God alone that heals our hearts; to Him alone, therefore, is the wound to be disclosed. But if you do not yet quite know the physician or are not sure where he dwells, no one forbids your unbinding your wound before a wise counselor and begging him to give you advice. And if he is a wise and faithful man, he will be sure to send you to a physician who is so skilled in his profession that he can sew up your wound. — Huldrych Zwingli