Arthur C. Clarke: Pedophile and Protected by Rupert Murdoch

The News of the World once killed an exclusive on science-fiction author Arthur C Clarke’s pedophilia because he was a friend of owner Rupert Murdoch, according to a new book. Graham Johnson, a former reporter at the now-defunct newspaper, recounts in Hack how editors who normally outed pederasts made an exception in Clarke’s case. The alleged reason: Murdoch had publicly praised Clarke and capitalized on his theory that satellites are perfect for communications, reports the Independent.

The Sunday Mirror heard about the shelved story and interviewed Clarke, who said he “never had the slightest interest in children—boys or girls. … But once they have reached the age of puberty, then it is OK.” He added that “there is a hysteria about the whole thing in the West,” but later denied being a pedophile. A former News of the World editor now recalls the story being scuttled “because of legal reasons” and says Murdoch never told him to spike stories.

And now Murdoch’s empire owns a ‘Christian publishing company’.  Yes, that’s troublesome.  Those who shield evil are evil.  Those who enable evil are perpetrators of evil, even if their enabling is mere silence.

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