Bad Theology, Zondervan

Ever since Murdoch bought Zondervan it has declined in my estimation both for the quality of some of the things it publishes and even more so in its marketing of the products that it sells.

For instance, I received this flyer in an email-  see if you can spot the poor theology:

Did you spot it?  In case you didn’t, I’ll point it out:  hope isn’t found in a book- in any book- not even the Bible.  Hope is found in Christ.  The notion that hope is found outside of Christ is neither theologically accurate nor biblically correct.

True enough, the Bible is exceedingly important but again, it is not our source of hope.  To suggest that it is is really nothing less than idolatry.  Or better, bibliolatry.

Furthermore, teens won’t find traction in a slippery world IN the NIV, they’ll find it in Christ.

The lack of theocentricity in Zondervan’s advertising is distressing.  Very distressing.  Because it’s just bad theology.  Instead of consulting marketing consultants when coming up with sales pitches they should consult a theologian or two.


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