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A Fine Photo of the Gihon Spring

I saw this here and felt it was worth passing along:

The Thompson Strikes Back

In Bible and Interpretation, Thomas writes

Ehrman pompously ignores my considerable analytical discussion, which was rooted in a wide-ranging, comparative literary classification and analysis of the Old Testament and ancient Near Eastern inscriptions. Apparently to him, the more than 40 years I have devoted to research in my study of the primary fields of Old Testament exegesis, ancient Near Eastern literature and ancient history—not least in regards to questions of historicity’leaves me unqualified and lacking the essential competence to address such questions because they also come to include a comparison of such an analysis with these same stereotypical literary tropes as they occur in the Gospels.

You’ll certainly want to read it.

Craigslist: Haunt of the Anonymous and Thieving

Police say an undercover investigation helped them nab a North Knoxville man accused of stealing from people who responded to his ad on Craigslist. John R. Comerford, 30, of Chickamauga Avenue, is accused of placing an ad on Craigslist claiming he had a set of chrome rims for sale. Police say at least three times, Comerford met people who responded to his ad. In two of the incidents, he’s accused of walking off with their cash. In another incident, he’s accused of robbing the person he met.

So go ahead, answer that Craigslist ad posted by some anonymous guy who may well be a killer or a thief. I’m sure the $10 you save will be worth it.  At least if you answer an ad in the paper, the contact information will be valid and the deal far more likely to be legitimate.

Has Murphy-O’Connor Jumped the Shark?

I am a huge fan of Jerome Murphy-O’Connor.  He’s been, in the past, immensely bright and terribly constructive in terms of his contributions to the field of biblical studies.  But his latest comments (thanks to Tom Verenna for pointing them out) is just baseless speculation the sort of which we only find in deranged mythicists and dilettantes:

“Jesus had a brief nervous breakdown in the Garden of Gethsemane,” suggests Fr Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, the renowned expert on the New Testament in a new book, reports Jill Hamilton in The Catholic Herald.  …  Although the 77-year-old spoke with an air of authority, the idea of Jesus having a mental collapse after the emotional Last Supper came as a shock, as it would to most traditional Christians.

It comes as a shock because there’s no more reason to hold such a view than there is to suggest that Jesus rode side-saddle on the ass he rode into Jerusalem.

Expanding on the contradictions surrounding the diverse re-tellings of Jesus’s final hours, his suffering and extreme anguish of the Agony in the Garden, he added: “When realising the imminence of his own demise, Jesus was deeply distraught and troubled, out of control.”

That he was deeply troubled is certain.  That he was ‘out of control’?  Based on what fact??  It’s a sad day.  How the mighty (learned) has fallen.

I Get Really Mad at Scott Sometimes…

And sometimes I love the guy to death.  His last post (which I reblogged just below) is good stuff.  If you’ve had Mr Tee ‘comment’ on your blog, it’s stuff you need to know.

Anyway, because I’m not mad at Scott these days I’m adding him back to the blogroll.  As long as he manages to behave himself, he’ll stay there.

As I told Scott, this guy, this dilettante, really is a piece of self-righteous work.

The last few weeks we have been visited by someone who is claiming to be a “Dr.”, David Tee. It was pretty obvious from his poor argumentation that he has had very little to no training in any sort of academic process, but he kept claiming that he has, and that his degrees are ‘personal’ information (as if anyone who has gone to University in NA keeps that sort of information as “personal”).

Anyways, I decided to do some poking around, who knew, maybe he had acquired some sort of training in a fundamentalist, conservative school? It’s not like Liberty University is turning out the brightest biblical scholars in the world. It could be possible… but, no, it seems my original suspicion might be closer to the truth.

I googled “Dr.” David Tee, and mostly found comments on other people’s blogs. He has some sort of association with the Dakotas…

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Absurd Angry Atheists

As if they hadn’t already shown themselves to be beneath ridiculous, they stoop to an ever lower low of ignorant self absorption:

A Manheim Township man has filed a discrimination complaint against a Columbia restaurant that offers a 10 percent discount for diners who present a church bulletin on Sundays.  John Wolff, who is an atheist, filed the complaint with the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission against Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen in Columbia.  Wolff said the practice discriminates against him because he does not attend church.  – Lancaster Online

Whaaaaaa.  Grow up, you tiresome infant.

Prudhomme said she began offering the discount a little more than a year ago. She said she has offered all kinds of discounts or incentives at various times, including some to senior citizens, early-bird diners, children under 12, people who shop at certain other Columbia businesses and even Columbia High School students.

Christian astutely observes- I wonder if any other adults filed a complaint because of the “12 and under” discount.  Atheists looking de-God everything are just as offensive, and stupid, as Christians looking to God-ify everything.

Of course they didn’t protest any of those other things.  They only hate Christianity because in their corrupt hearts they know it’s true.  So they lash out.  Silly little feckless things, as though their stupid acts will bring Christianity down.

Some New Arrivals for Review

These have all been sent by the goodly Niels Peter Lemche for review in the Scandinavian Journal of the Old Testament.  The reviews, when they appear in due course, will appear there (in the pages of the best Journal for Old Testament studies).

The Politics of Pessimism in Ecclesiastes (I have the paperback SBL edition).
Reading Daniel as a Text in Theological Hermeneutics.
Gender Issues in Ancient And Reformation Translations of Genesis 1-4.

They all look like great fun.  More in due course in the pages of SJOT.

Don’t Bother Praying for America…

Until… You’re willing to do what needs to be done. What’s that?

1- humble yourself.
2- seek God’s face.
3- turn from your wicked ways.

Then you can pray and God will hear you. Till then, don’t bother.

More Judicial Misconduct: A Child Rapist Goes Free Because the Judge Blames Porn

The parents of a five–year–old girl who was raped by a teenage babysitter have attacked a judge who let the boy walk free after claiming online pornography and society was to blame.

We’re witnessing the death of personal responsibility. No one’s responsible for their actions anymore- it’s either genetics or society but never your decision…. which is just pure ignorant stupidity.

The 14 year–old, who was a family friend and neighbour, had been asked to look after the girl. He tied an apron round her face and performed a sex act on her. The girl later told her father that the teenager led her to believe he was going to feed her a chocolate. The victim’s mother, who said her daugher “knows what happened was something horrible”, has now criticised the judge for “making a cheap point about pornography” in sentencing. She believes the sentence “just isn’t enough”, adding it sent the “wrong message to people – that you can do something like that a get such a light punishment”. “The judge was more concerned with justifying the sentence by making a cheap point about pornography. It was really cheap to use that as an excuse for what the boy did,” she said.

Porn didn’t molest the girl and neither did society. The wicked teenage pervert did. And he should be held responsible for it.  And the judge should be sacked.