The Christian, Right Government, and Freedom

Huldrych Zwingli writes, so wisely,

I would not have those who give themselves out for Christians aim at casting off all authority in the expectation that they are going to live in freedom. This I have always regarded as the height of folly or the height of viciousness.

Every company gathered together anywhere must obey some authority; otherwise all combined action would be at an end. Christians, therefore, should not disparage authority, but should do their best to make that under which we live as pious and just as possible.

And if this is not in our power, because, for instance, the ruler we are forced to obey was born king or simpleton, we must the more often entreat God to send us at length some Moses to bring us out of servitude into true liberty: not such liberty that every man shall do as he likes (for that is a more baneful tyranny than when one man or a few men exercise such indulgence.  For it is more insupportable to have a whole nation running mad than a few individuals), but such that under it truth has free course, justice is administered impartially to all, peace and concord are preserved by common consent.

Let him who has an ear, hear.

One thought on “The Christian, Right Government, and Freedom

  1. pastorappreciationblog 4 Jul 2012 at 6:28 pm

    Jim: Really enjoyed this! What a great statement for today, and always.
    Blessings, Ted and Carol


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