Christian Zionism Examined

Steven Paas, Christian Zionism Examined: A Review of Ideas on Israel, the Church and the Kingdom. Pb., 135 pp., VTR Publications, Nürnberg / RVB, Hamburg: 2012, ISBN 978-3-941750-86-9, Retail price: €[D] 14.95 / £ 12.95 / $ 18.95:

According to the author Christian Zionism has decentralized Christ and decreased his uniqueness, thus undermining the Church’s foundation and its calling of universally directed mission. Moreover, he suggests that Christian Zionism has distorted Christian-Jewish relations and has failed to find a safe sailing route between the cliffs of antisemitism and philosemitism.

Although the author himself sympathizes with Jews and modern Israel as a nation, he maintains that an exaggerated philosemitism has always tended to be morphed into antisemitism in history. The author gives a very readable historical overview of the theological development of Christian Zionism, and also answers the claim of Christian Zionists who characterize the view of their opponents as ´replacement theology´.

My review is here.

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    Hi Jim, as per info from the publisher in Germany, the book will be available at within 2-3 weeks from now.
    BTW, I have read the book and it is excellent!
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