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Future Plans

Via Kara Cooney

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Who’s Going to Win Euro 2012?

Italy.  By a score of 4-1.  You heard it here first… just remember that.

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Just a Few More Hours….

For a chance to win the (so far) very useful Evangelical Exegetical Commentary.  The contest ends tonight.

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary is a brand new, 44-volume commentary series which incorporates the latest critical biblical scholarship and is written from a distinctly evangelical perspective. Published by Logos Bible Software, the EEC is the next standard commentary on the entire Bible for evangelicals. Like the Word Biblical Commentary and the Baker Exegetical Commentary, the EEC is written by a team of leading biblical scholars. Contributors to the EEC include Eugene Merril, Edward Glenny, Michael Stallard, Stanley E. Porter, John Oswalt, William Barrick, Eugene Carpenter, Richard Averbeck, R. Dennis Cole, H. Wayne House, and many others. Learn more at the main Evangelical Exegetical Commentary page.


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Is it God’s Fault if We Sin?

According to Ursinus’ exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, the answer is a resounding no.

[T]hat the wicked are punished by the wicked, and the good chastised and exercised, is the just and holy work of the divine will; but that the wicked execute the judgment of God by sinning, is not the fault of God, but comes to pass by the corruption of the wicked, which they have brought upon themselves, God neither willing, nor approving, nor accomplishing, nor furthering their sins, but only permitting them in his just judgment, when accomplishing his work and purpose through them, he either does not reveal his will to them, or does not influence their wills to regard his revealed will as the end and rule of their actions.

This distinction between the works of God, and those of the devil, and of God’s accomplishing his just work through the devil, and of his permitting the sin of the devil, is evidently confirmed by the history of Job, whom God designed to try, whilst the devil attempted to destroy him.

The same thing is also proven by the history of Ahab, and by the prophecy respecting antichrist, where the devil deceives men that he may destroy them, whilst God permits them to be deceived that he may in this way punish them, and suffers the devil to execute his will and purpose. — The Commentary of Dr. Zacharias Ursinus on the Heidelberg Catechism.

So take that, God blamers.


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Here, at 2:15

As it continues to rise…

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On the Preaching Office

30 June 1525 Zwingli published his singularly relevant tome titled ‘On the Preaching Office‘.

It was a thorouhgoing denunciation of the ‘preachers’ who had appeared in the wake of the Reformation asserting their rights to say what they wished in spite of the fact that they neither possessed the Spirit nor understood the Scriptures. It opens

Darinn man sicht, wie die selbsgesandten ufruorer – nit apostel, als sy wöllend gesehen syn – wider gottes wort thuond, das sy eim yeden getrüwen wächter unnd predger des euangelii under synem volck predginen ufschlahend one durfft und erloubnus der gantzen gmeind und wächters.

They may have called themselves apostles, but they were really the enemies of God’s Word.  Self appointed proclaimers… dilettantes in the truest sense of the word… there’s virtually nothing worse.

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Martin Luther: On Joel Watts

“I believe Joel Watts the pope is the masked and incarnate devil because he is the Antichrist. As Christ is God incarnate, so the Antichrist is the devil incarnate. The words are really spoken of Joel Watts the pope when it’s said that he’s a mixed god, an earthly god, that is, a god of the earth. Here god is understood as god of this world. Why does he call himself an earthly god, as if the one, almighty God weren’t also on the earth? — Martin Luther


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Congrats to Charlotte Hempel!

According to Eibert Tigchelaar-

Congratulations to Charlotte Hempel for becoming the new executive editor of Dead Sea Discoveries per July 1, 2012 !

Well deserved indeed and well done Charlotte!

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Joel Watts: Is He The Antichrist?

In a word, yes.  It seems that my internet issues have opened the door for Joel’s egregious wickedness to take root and break forth in a volley of seeds spread on his blog and on the Facebook.

Well, wicked Joel, guess what- the issues here have been resolved- and I’m back… so guess who’s in serious trouble.  That’s right, you!

Get thee behind me, Satan!  Your vile rule (even though momentary), is OVER!   (Muahahahahahaha).

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The Mysterious Web

I’ve chatted with my neighbor who works repairing phone lines and he tells me that there’s an issue with some piece of equipment north of us and only some of us.

The web is weird and its ways mysterious. Thank heaven for iPhones…. ( you can file that under things I never thought I’d say).

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Still Down…

But I’m one of the few.  All my neighbors have working access.  A few of us are, however, apparently on the same cursed this or that.  It’s extraordinarily annoying I assure you.  So I’ve come across to the neighbor and am using their wi-fi.

God is testing me….

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