Total Depravity: The Singapore Mega-Church ‘Pastor’ Fraud Edition

Authorities have arrested the founder of one of Singapore’s largest evangelical churches and alleged millions of dollars in church money was used to aid the career of his pop singer wife.  The Singapore Police Force said it plans to charge City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee on Wednesday with conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust. The police statement Tuesday said four other church leaders would be charged with breach of trust and conspiracy to commit falsification of accounts.   The Charities Commissioner said at least $23 million Singapore dollars (US$18 million) of church money instead financed the music career of Kong’s wife. Ho Yeow Sun has put out a few Mandarin pop albums.  The charities statement did not give details.  City Harvest says up to 23,000 people attend its services.

23,000 deceived sheep fleeced by another wolf in shepherd’s clothing.  How long is it going to take real Christians to realize that these mega-churches are breeding grounds for deceptive lying false prophets who lap up the mob’s adoration and laugh at the foolish flock all the way to the bank?

There isn’t A SINGLE mega-church pastor who isn’t either a deceiver, false teacher, or a manipulator.  Not one.  And you can’t name one.  Furthermore, NOT ONE Christian who attends these fraudulent pseudo-churches has the slightest inkling of biblical theology.  Had they, they would flee Sodom.

7 thoughts on “Total Depravity: The Singapore Mega-Church ‘Pastor’ Fraud Edition

  1. I agree that many large churches can have a tendency to lose sight of Biblical Truth, in favor of watered-down, culturally appealing “sermons”. But this isn’t true of all large churches, in my experience. My own church has several thousand members, but the majority of us are involved in Bible studies, service projects, and other forms of community that sort of form a “chuch within a church”. There ARE the inevitable few who only come to Sunday services to keep up appearances…but I guess they at least get challenged by our lead pastor’s sharp, Scriptural, theologically-sound sermons. There’s nothing watered-down about our services, haha.

    I guess I’m just skeptical of the generalization. I’ve visited numerous small churches (less than 200 members) that were literally being torn apart by petty disagreements over membership, music style, worship time, etc. But I wouldn’t make the claim that ALL small churches are like the handful that I’ve experienced.


    • fair points all. my exaggeration is aimed at getting people, though, to think biblically and theologically. what biblical justification is there for churches so large that the shepherd doesn’t know the individual sheep. for the church, there must be some biblical underpinning. what is it here?


  2. I guess it depends on how your are defining mega-church, but what about Tim Keller? Bill Hybels? James Meeks? John Ortberg?

    You write: “There isn’t A SINGLE mega-church pastor who isn’t either a deceiver, false teacher, or a manipulator. Not one. And you can’t name one.”

    I’m not willing to say any of those guys is a deceiver, false teacher, or manipulator. That seems a pretty heavy charge to bring just to make a point….


  3. This should be more a statement about the Word of Faith, hyper-Pentecostalism movement than mega-churches at large.

    You’re overembellishment notwithstanding (it is a ridiculous charge) there are good mega-churches and wonderful mega-church leaders. As a member of the staff of a mega-church I reject the over-reaching disqualification of our kind of ministry. I don’t know too many examples where this kind of fleecing happens in large churches that aren’t Word of Fatih, hyper-pentecostal. That should be your focus, not quality ministries preaching the Gospel and ministering to those who need healing.


    • there’s precious little difference between the word of faith appeal to the masses with claims of get rich if you do this stuff and mega churches which are more engaged with entertainment than substantive theology. both replace the gospel with anthropo-centricism or claim that the gospel isn’t sufficient in itself so it must be added to in order to make it palatable and acceptable to the modern person.

      john hagees ‘church’ is a perfect illustration of the sort of person who attends a mega church- on sunday morning when the cameras are on there are thousands filling the pews and crying their eyes out. on sunday night less than 100 people show up.


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