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The Icky Bishop: Monsignor Bargallo

The Pope has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop after the publication of pictures showing him embracing a woman on a Mexican beach.  Bishop Fernando Bargallo, 57, was photographed in the sea, hugging a woman in a bikini.  He initially said she was a childhood friend, but later admitted to having had “amorous ties” with her.

Icky, Bishop. She’s young enough to be your daughter.  But at least she’s not 12, or a boy.  So kudos for that at least…

Wow, James Crossley Is On Jeopardy

So I’m watching Jeopardy just now and who should I see on it but James Crossley!  When last we saw him in May he was designing handbags and now he’s moved on to game shows!  What next????

In Case You Have Forgotten- Cats are Satan’s Tools

See for yourself.  Via Bob Cargill on FB.

The True Shepherd

Writes Zwingli-

Behold the grandeur of the Christian shepherd! He feeds the flock with painstaking watchfulness; does not use constraint except so far as the word itself constrains; looks not at profit, but does all things of a ready mind, i.e., with faith and love of God; claims no lordship for himself, but aims at this one thing, to be a blameless example to the flock.

It’s a shame more Pastors haven’t understood things so clearly.

Answering Your Letters

Shortly after the previous post, this arrived:

Dear Jim,

First, let me thank you for your blog. I love it. I do have a question. What is your definition of a mega church?

Thank You,

Hi Duane,

That’s actually an easy question to answer- a mega-church is any church which is so large that the Pastor doesn’t know the names of every person who regularly attends.  Such Pastors aren’t truly pastors – they are merely functionaries, public speakers.  Pastors know their flock just as shepherds know their sheep.  It is no accident at all that the early Church seized on the analogy of the Pastor as shepherd.

For that reason a church which is so big that the Pastor can’t or doesn’t know those who come is no longer a Church as such but a group, an ‘audience’, nothing more.

With all best wishes,


Total Depravity: The Singapore Mega-Church ‘Pastor’ Fraud Edition

Authorities have arrested the founder of one of Singapore’s largest evangelical churches and alleged millions of dollars in church money was used to aid the career of his pop singer wife.  The Singapore Police Force said it plans to charge City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee on Wednesday with conspiracy to commit criminal breach of trust. The police statement Tuesday said four other church leaders would be charged with breach of trust and conspiracy to commit falsification of accounts.   The Charities Commissioner said at least $23 million Singapore dollars (US$18 million) of church money instead financed the music career of Kong’s wife. Ho Yeow Sun has put out a few Mandarin pop albums.  The charities statement did not give details.  City Harvest says up to 23,000 people attend its services.

23,000 deceived sheep fleeced by another wolf in shepherd’s clothing.  How long is it going to take real Christians to realize that these mega-churches are breeding grounds for deceptive lying false prophets who lap up the mob’s adoration and laugh at the foolish flock all the way to the bank?

There isn’t A SINGLE mega-church pastor who isn’t either a deceiver, false teacher, or a manipulator.  Not one.  And you can’t name one.  Furthermore, NOT ONE Christian who attends these fraudulent pseudo-churches has the slightest inkling of biblical theology.  Had they, they would flee Sodom.

Read BASOR Free Through the End of July

From ASOR this good news for non-subscribers to the Bulletin-

Get access to the latest issue of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research until July 31 for free! Just follow this link and set up a MyJSTOR account: http://www.jstor.org/token/BASORc2IFTYDWfaM6FzwyIqHP/mark.asor.org

Orbitz Thinks Mac Owners Have More Money… So It Offers them More Expensive Rooms…

Greasy business practices 101, taught by Orbitz.com-

Apple Mac users booking hotels on the Orbitz travel site could end up paying more for their holidays, reports the Wall Street Journal. Orbitz told the paper it was showing Mac users different, and in many cases more expensive, hotels to those shown to people browsing on a Windows PC. Orbitz said research suggested Mac users generally spent about 30% more per night on hotels than PC users. But it never showed the two user groups the same room for different prices. Orbitz defended its policy as an “experiment” and said tools on its site let users customise what they saw in a way that would eliminate the differences. Research into different user groups on the Orbitz site had revealed Mac users were 40% more likely to book a four- or five-star hotel than those logging in with a PC, it said.


Azekah Lecture Series

The folk excavating at Azekah are in for a series of very fine lectures this season.  Here are just a few of them:

Monday, July 16th
Prof. Aren Maeir (Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan)
The Excavations of Philistine Gath

Monday, July 23rd
Prof. Yosef Garfinkel (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem)
The Excavations of Kh. Qeiyafa

Wednesday, July 25th
Mr. Ido Koch (Tel Aviv University)
The Judean Lowland under Judahite Hegemony: the Great Eighth Century BCE

Monday, August 13th
Dr. Ran Barkay (Tel Aviv University)
The Pre-History of the Judean Lowland

Wednesday, August 15th
Prof. Bernard Levinson (University of Minnesota, USA)
The Neo-Assyrian Influence upon Deuteronomy

Monday, August 20th
Prof. Manfred Oeming (Heidelberg University, Germany)
David against Goliath (1 Sam 17) – an Old Fight in Modern Research

Wednesday, August 22nd
Prof. Konrad Schmid (Zurich University)

More From Megiddo

Via Eric– some fun shots today-

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Total Depravity: The Gay Rights Advocate Arrested for Child Pornography Edition

Police say they arrested 66-year-old Larry Brinkin, the high-profile gay activist, on possession of child pornography on Friday night.  Brinkin, a community icon who led the fight for the city to recognize same-sex partnerships, was arrested and booked into San Francisco County Jail, police said.  He posted bail and was released Saturday, according to a jail spokesman.  Police Spokesman Officer Albie Esparza would only say that the case was still under investigation, and would give no more details at this time.  Brinkin retired from the Human Rights Commission in 2010, and has been a beloved member of the gay community, with the Board of Supervisors even declaring the first week of February as “Larry Brinkin Week.”

If this guy were a Pastor the outrage in the media would be widespread .  Rightly.  Let’s see if news outlets pick up this one and air it on the nightly offerings or if they just ignore it.  Wrongly.   And let’s see if the gay rights community circles the wagons and decries the mere mention of his arrest since he’s ‘innocent until proven guilty in a court of law’ – a phrase never used of Pastors or Priests in such situations.  In sum, let’s see if the gay community is as fair in its treatment of its own when they act in a depraved manner as the rest of us are.  Let’s sit back and wait for the outrage…  But let’s not hold our breath.

The Agnostic Cemetery

via Ref.ch



New From Gath

Aren passes along word of a new essay in a new volume which folk will, I think, want to know about:

Maeir, A. M., Shai, I., Uziel, J., Gadot, Y., and Chadwick, J. R. 2012. A Late Bronze Age Biconical Jar with a Depiction of a Scorpion from Tell es-Safi/Gath, Israel. Pp. 249–64 in All the Wisdom of the East: Studies in Near Eastern Archaeology and History in Honor of Eliezer D. Oren, eds. M. Gruber, S. Ahituv, G. Lehmann and Z. Talshir. Orbis Biblicus et Orientalis 255. Fribourg: Fribourg Academic Press.

It is…

… a brief study on a vessel from the Late Bronze Age levels at Tell es-Safi /Gath, on which there is a rather unique depiction of a scorpion.