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Diarmaid MacCulloch’s Gifford Lectures

The Guardian reports, in part,

In his Gifford Lectures, delivered last month and available online, [MacCulloch] has turned his mind to silence. The lectures present a lively history of silence in the church, and left me with a clear sense that this is a history that affects us all today.

A suspicion of silence took root in the second and third centuries, when bishops penned diatribes against the so-called gnostikoi, Christians who claimed that God was most fully known as unknowable, and so therefore in silence. To be branded a gnostic was to be cast out of the fold. Then, in the fourth century, came the conversion of Constantine. The church aligned itself to secular power and now what you thought was of political importance too. Thereafter, western rites included creeds to be audibly confessed. They policed who was in and who out.

The legacy of this tradition is that, today, if you go to a mass or morning worship, there will be barely a moment’s silence. Quakers aside, it is as if there is a de facto ban on silence in public worship. When people gather together, they should rehearse approved truths. The inner life, left alone, foments heresy and subversion.

Definitely worth a listen!  First class thinking once again from England’s premier Church Historian.  And, thankfully, the lectures will also be published in book form (due out in the Fall, according to the good Professor himself) so that’s something to look forward to indeed!

Jerry Sandusky Molested his Own Son

Jerry Sandusky‘s sex abuse trial went to the jury today amid a bombshell revelation that his adopted son told prosecutors he was willing to testify against the former Penn State football coach.

Following seven hours of deliberations on 48 charges of sex abuse, the sequestered jury of seven women and five men has stopped discussing the case for the night and will resume deliberations on Friday morning.

The break came at the suggestion of Judge John Cleland after the jury requested to see the testimony of the state’s key witness, Michael McQueary, and McQueary’s family friend, Dr. John Dranov.

Earlier, as the jury met behind closed doors, Matt Sandusky — who had defended the man who adopted him throughout the investigation — issued a statement saying that he had been prepared to tell the jury that he had been sexually abused, too.

“Matt Sandusky, one of Jerry Sandusky’s adopted children, asked us to confirm with you … that he was prepared to testify truthfully as a commonwealth witness,” said the statement issued by lawyers Andrew Shubin and Justine Andronici.

Once a molester, always a molester.  Hopefully the jury will do what’s right and send this guy away for the rest of his life so that he can’t destroy the lives of anymore children.


That’s today’s call.  Sorry Greece, but you really don’t have much of a chance.