The SBC Wants to be More ‘Appealing’…

Messengers (that’s what they’re called) voted yesterday to permit those churches uncomfortable (because it’s all about what makes people feel comfortable) with the label ‘Southern Baptist’ to call themselves ‘Great Commission Baptists’.

Oddly, the irony of this name change seems lost on the theologically inept, for the Great Commission says nothing at all about ‘appealing’ to the masses.  It says ‘go into all the world and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the father, son, and holy Spirit.’

But the SBC’s ‘wise’ voters have decided to ‘translate’ the verse as follows”  ‘go into all the world and be sure to be appealing, baptizing them in the name of whatever you feel like because it’s all about them and not about Christ…’

SBC- if you want to be ‘appealing’, just affirm gay marriage (that will make you appealing to 10% of the population), and take a pro-abortion stance (because 51% of the population are women and they all want, don’t they, ‘control’ over their own bodies).  If you just adopt those two stances – well heck fire- that will make you appealing to 61% of the population!!!!!

SBC, or rather, GCB, be appealing- because that’s what the Bible teaches you to be…  Abandon the gospel and scripture and theology, and just be popular.  That’s what you want.

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