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The Forum Kritische Archäologie

Via Jack Sasson We are pleased to announce the launch of a new electronic, open-access journal Forum Kritische Archäologie. The journal has as its goal to further discussions of critical archaeology, especially within the framework of the German-speaking archaeological community … Continue reading

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For All You Students of Sumerian…

Via Jack Sasson

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Originally posted on The Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project Official (and Unofficial) Weblog:
Today marks two weeks to the beginning of the 2012 season at Tell es-Safi/Gath! The team is slowly gathering from all over the world and the preparations…

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Congratulations to Amihai Mazar On His Election to the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Via Chris Rollston- Amihai Mazar of Hebrew University has been elected to membership in the prestigious Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities….Kudos to him for this much deserved honor (and my gratitude to Sam Wolff for bringing this to my … Continue reading

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True Words:Dorothy Sees Her Companions for What They Are…

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Megiddo 2012: Day One Digging

Eric has posted more photos- this time day one’s digging action.  Why does it look like the ladies are doing most of the work?

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Should Christian Companies Be Allowed to Hire on the Basis of Faith?

Of course they should. Except in America, where if you express any faith intention in your business and expect your employees to exhibit the same faith, you can, and will, be sued. The Voss Lighting Company of Lincoln, Neb., doesn’t … Continue reading

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Again, Happy Father’s Day- My Gift to You!

I’ll go ahead and say it now- you’re welcome!

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Today’s Football Schedule

I’m calling Denmark over Germany (!) and the Netherlands (which has played miserably) over Portugal.  Two upsets, I know… but there it is-

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Happy Father’s Day

Have a great day!

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