How The Republican Party Has Been Hijacked By The Far Right… And Republicans Let it Happen

And they continue to let it happen.  As those willing to listen to today’s Fresh Air will learn.

[Jane] Mayer’s profile of [Bryan] Fischer, which appears in the current edition of The New Yorker, details how the Christian radio host from Tupelo, Miss., is pushing far-right and anti-gay policy decisions on the Romney campaign and the Republican Party.

A question for Republicans:  if you don’t stand hand in hand with the likes of the Fascists on the far right, why don’t you say something?  Are you really that spineless?

Listen, do listen, you Republicans, to Mayer’s interview.  And then grow a spine and take your party back and make it, once again, the party of Lincoln.  A party that could actually be proud of its achievements and not hang its head in constant shame.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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4 Responses to How The Republican Party Has Been Hijacked By The Far Right… And Republicans Let it Happen

  1. Drew Tatusko says:

    Unfortunately those who need to listen to a program like Fresh Air will refuse in order to remain in a Fox News bubble.


  2. wken says:

    Of course, Drew is right. The people to whom you’re speaking won’t listen to anything on NPR.

    I quit the GOP in 1995 because I did campaign work in 1994 under the slogan “Character Counts” and then the party put degenerates like Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich, and Bob Packwood into important positions. I was duped and refused to go along with it any more.

    Since then, I’ve been horrified to see the ascendance of the talk radio culture, and the disgusting thing that is the Party of Limbaugh now. Christianity isn’t a relationship with the Lord, it’s a political wedge. It demands changes only of those on the wrong side of issues. Blasphemy and sin committed by Righties is no big deal.

    I’ve never really considered going back, and can’t imagine that I ever will at this point. Make no mistake, I’m no Democrat, but I don’t want to be associated with the Republicans.


  3. Roderich says:

    Yup, maybe. But the Democrats (via Obama) were “captured” by the far left… pro Abortion, pro Homosexual marriage etc. – they started it. 🙂


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