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Congratulations to Emanuel Tov: He’s Been Admitted to the Israel Academy of Sciences!

We are happy and honored that our teacher, colleague and friend, Prof. Emanuel Tov was appointed a member to Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities.

Prof. Emanuel Tov is Prof. emeritus of the department of Bible at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His scholarship specializes in various aspects of the textual criticism of Hebrew and Greek Scripture and in the Qumran Scrolls, as well as other aspects of biblical studies.

He was the Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, completed in 2006.

In 2004 he received the Israeli Emet prize for Science, art and culture, and in 2009 the Israel Prize in biblical studies.

Via Jack Sasson. We join all those congratulating Professor Tov. Certainly this is well deserved.

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Another Gem From Tozer

In many churches Christianity has been watered down until the solution is so weak that if it were poison it would not hurt anyone, and if it were medicine it would not cure anyone!  — AW Tozer

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Quote of the Day

“People everywhere offer solutions for  the world’s problems, but mostly they don’t understand what the problem truly is.”  — AW Tozer


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How The Republican Party Has Been Hijacked By The Far Right… And Republicans Let it Happen

And they continue to let it happen.  As those willing to listen to today’s Fresh Air will learn.

[Jane] Mayer’s profile of [Bryan] Fischer, which appears in the current edition of The New Yorker, details how the Christian radio host from Tupelo, Miss., is pushing far-right and anti-gay policy decisions on the Romney campaign and the Republican Party.

A question for Republicans:  if you don’t stand hand in hand with the likes of the Fascists on the far right, why don’t you say something?  Are you really that spineless?

Listen, do listen, you Republicans, to Mayer’s interview.  And then grow a spine and take your party back and make it, once again, the party of Lincoln.  A party that could actually be proud of its achievements and not hang its head in constant shame.


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A Secondary Observation on Olson’s ‘Against Calvinism’: The Broader Reformed Tradition

My dismay at Olson’s melding of Calvinism with Reformed Theology without differentiation in his opening Preface has been assuaged.  He notes, finally, on page 23,

… I consider myself Reformed in its broadest sense – non-Lutheran in the broad Protestant stream extending from the Swiss Reformation led originally by Ulrich Zwingli (1484-1531)… 

after having observed that the Reformed Tradition is indeed much broader than ‘Calvinism’.  That hindrance overcome, Olson’s work may prove to be more useful than the Preface would lead one to believe.  More anon.

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Today With Zwingli: Answering the Baden Disputants

Zwinglis Antwort an die Boten der Eidgenossen in Baden appeared on 14 June, 1526. The Baden Disputation had taken place just weeks before and Zwingli had been forbidden to attend, so he wrote his response to his critics out and put it in print.

Gnad und frid von gott bevor! Strengen, vesten, fürsichtigen, ersamen, wysen etc. gnädigen, lieben herren! Ich wil üwer ersamen wysheyt zumm kürtzesten antwurt geben über die gschrifft, die ir minen herren zuogeschickt, mich gar unfrüntlich anklagend. Bitt uwer wisheit, die welle min einvaltige antwurt nit verargen.

Although he said his answer would be short, in the critical edition it runs to 13 pages, so though that’s relatively brief, it’s still not very brief.

As usual, it’s peppered with Scriptural proofs for the position Zwingli holds concerning the Mass and salvation. It takes a broadside at Eck and Faber (the two persons most virulent in attacking Zwingli at Baden) and that broadside is classic Zwingli- witty and cutting.

It’s purpose is to urge the Confederation to adopt real reform and not be deceived by Faber et al who only wish to keep the Swiss the servants of Roman corruption.

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The Italians will defeat the Croatians and, in an upset, Ireland will smash Spain, 3-0.  So let it be written, so let it be done.

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Matthew Kalman’s Report on the ‘James Ossuary’ Trial

Matthew’s essay appears in the Jerusalem Report.  He says

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), with the Israel Police, gathered testimony around the world and seized hundreds of suspect artifacts. The treasure trove included ancient stone lamps, engraved jugs, pottery shards inscribed in ink, seals and seal impressions known as bulae. Golan, we were told when he was indicted with four others in December 2004 and accused of masterminding an international forgery ring, was falsifying history for personal gain.

“I believe we have revealed only the tip of the iceberg. This industry circles the world, involving millions of dollars,” said IAA director Shuka Dorfman. “Beside this, Indiana Jones looks small.”

But it wasn’t true. No one else was arrested. The zealotry of the IAA came unstuck when the case against Golan and his remaining co-defendant, antiquities dealer Robert Deutsch, collapsed in spectacular fashion at the Jerusalem District Court in March. Judge Aharon Farkash cleared them of all forgery charges and had some harsh words for the police, prosecution and the IAA.

And then Matthew gets to the point of the essay-

The updated story is told in this issue for the first time. I was the only reporter in the courtroom throughout the 120 sessions of the seven-year trial. I heard most of the 12,000 pages of testimony, listened to most of the 126 witnesses and saw most of the 200 exhibits. But I still can not say for certain whether the items are genuine or not.

Even those who are convinced that the items are fake are distressed at the increasingly bizarre actions of the IAA and its publicity-seeking director Dorfman.

Give it a look.  Interesting stuff indeed.

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