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English: Y. Goren examining ancient cuneiform ...

Science in the field and lab is changing the accuracy and range of archaeology. Professor Yuval Goren’s Tel Aviv University’s Laboratory for Comparative Archaeology and Metal Conservation (headed together with Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef) is now launching the first-ever lab-initiated excavation. Dovid and Barnea sit between test tubes and microscopes to bring you into the scene.

The first-ever excavation of ancient Tel Socho in the Elah Valley will seek the factory which made the famous lamelekh jugs – it is going to make and change history real soon! Prof. Goren shares his personal path, leading him to create a department attracting students from around the world to trailblaze a new kind of research and career.

Now that the trial is over, he is at liberty to note details and implications of the recent James ossuary case in which he was a star witness, and explains the academic concerns about forgeries. You will enjoy listening to Yuval’s easygoing, deeply thoughtful manner – with scientific accuracy throughout, and a knack for making you understand and care. Around two hours of great listening and learning.

Part I: http://www.foundationstone.org/LandMinds10/LM%202012-a/files/LM-7May2012a.mp3

Part II: http://www.foundationstone.org/LandMinds10/LM%202012-a/files/LM-7May2012b.mp3

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