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Should You Wonder Where I am Monday Between Noon and 5 PM…

I’ll be planted in front of the television…

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Just to be clear, it’s Cliff who is giving a copy away, not I.

Theological Musings

In light of my recent post on Gareth Cockerill’s fine addition to the New International Commentary on the New Testament, I decided that I would give a copy away! Go to my Theological Musings Facebook page and enter the contest. The more you spread the word about  the giveaway, the more chances you have to win!

So head over there now and spread the word!

NB: Nick, you are ineligible due to to the fact you seem to always win every book giveaway. :p

PS: Of course I am kidding Nick.

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Always Pressing Forward

John Calvin

No one will travel so badly as not daily to make some degree of progress. This, therefore, let us never cease to do, that we may daily advance in the way of the Lord; and let us not despair because of the slender measure of success. How little soever the success may correspond with our wish, our labour is not lost when to-day is better than yesterday, provided with true singleness of mind we keep our aim, and aspire to the goal, not speaking flattering things to ourselves, nor indulging our vices, but making it our constant endeavour to become better, until we attain to goodness itself. If during the whole course of our life we seek and follow, we shall at length attain it, when relieved from the infirmity of flesh we are admitted to full fellowship with God. — John Calvin

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3 Dead, 3 Wounded, in a Fight that Started over a Woman…

Three people, including two former Auburn University football players, were killed late Saturday and three others were wounded in a shooting in an off-campus apartment complex in Auburn, Alabama, police said Sunday.  A manhunt was under way in Montgomery, about 55 miles west of Auburn, for a suspect in the case, said Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson. He identified the suspect as Desmonte Leonard, 22, of Montgomery.

CNN may be unwilling to describe the suspected motive but other news outlets aren’t.  According to one, the dispute arose over a woman…

Authorities believe gunfire erupted during a fight at a party, he said. Leonard was thought to have fled the scene in a white Chevrolet Caprice. Police later found the car abandoned in an adjacent county, Dawson said, and it was being processed.  Arrest warrants have been issued for Leonard on three counts of capital murder, Dawson said. He is considered armed and dangerous, and U.S. Marshals were assisting in the search for him, along with Montgomery police.  “It’s sickening that these young lives were cut short,” Dawson said, “and also the shooter is such a young man. As a society, we’ve got to learn the value of life again.”

What’s equally sickening is that any thug who wants a gun can get one with ease.  Such needless death-lust.  Yet we’re still not sick enough of it to do anything about it.

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Erhard Gerstenberger: The Psalms Reconsidered

Erhard has a fine essay in Bible and Interpretation on the Psalms students of the Hebrew Bible will enjoy.  Among other things he opines

Today’s discussion and research of Psalms and Psalter, it seems to me, is too much determined by paradigms of literary theory, redactional practice, and intellectual theological construction (cf. e. g., the otherwise very important work of Gerald H. Wilson, Erich Zenger, J. Clinton McCann, etc.). The “Life-situations” [Sitz im Leben] of diverse genres of Psalms – a central point of Psalm exegesis for Hermann Gunkel and Sigmund Mowinckel – has to be taken into account seriously if we want to understand their meaning. Words transmitted to writing seem to have been stripped of their contextual settings; it is true. Reciters and listeners of old, however, still knew the immediate ritual/ceremonial dressings of given psalms, and they would use the cherished texts accordingly. By the way, many a modern reader will intuitively feel the situation of a supplicant on his sick-bed (cf. Ps 6:7 [NRSV 6]; Isa 38:1-3) and the jubilant cries of people saved from death (cf. Ps 22: 23-27 [NRSV 22-26]; 30:12-13 [NRSV 11-12] or reaping of a rich harvest (cf. Ps 65:12-14 [NRSV 11-13]). Basic human conditions of body, mind, and soul, both in regard to individuals and their intimate groups and to larger communities, bring forth ritual performances with their pertaining prayers and songs. I will try to sketch three cases in question and point out appropriate psalmic evidence.

Have fun with it!

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Antonio Lombatti: The Shroud Debunked

Matthew Kalman has a brilliant report in the Daily Mail which features the complete debunking of the Shroud of Turin lunacy.  I hope this is the final nail in the Shroud-ers coffin.  It most decidedly should be.

It has been venerated for centuries as the burial shroud of Jesus and has attracted thousands to the chapel where it lies.  But an eminent Church historian says the Turin Shroud is probably a medieval fake and just one of 40 similar cloths circulating in Europe until the 18th century.  In a new study, Antonio Lombatti, a Church historian at the Universita Popolare in Parma, Italy, says the shroud appears to have originated in Turkey some 1,300 years after the crucifixion of Jesus in the Holy Land.


In a research paper to be published later this month in the scholarly journal ‘Studi Medievali,’ Lombatti says the shroud was most likely given to a French knight as a memento from a crusade to Smyrna, Turkey in the 14th century.


‘The Turin Shroud is only one of the many burial cloths which were circulating in the Christian world during the Middle Ages. There were at least 40,’ said Lombatti, citing research by the 19th-century French historian Francois de Mely, who had studied surviving medieval documents. ‘Most of them were destroyed during the French revolution. Some had images, others had blood-like stains, and others were completely white,’ Lombatti told the Daily Mail.  Based on unpublished manuscripts at the National Library of Paris, Lombatti reveals that the shroud was obtained by the French knight, Geoffroy de Charny, during a crusade to liberate the Turkish city of Smyrna from Muslim rule in 1346.

There’s a lot more which you will want to read and pass along.

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Walmart Really Does Have Everything, Including a Meth Lab

This will give those meth runners and makers and users yet another reason to visit the local Walmart…

walmart beijing

A Wal-Mart Stores Inc. store in south St. Louis County is opened again after it was evacuated when police found a “one-pot” methamphetamine bottle inside a woman’s purse.  St. Louis County police say the woman was arrested for shoplifting Thursday night. Security officers then allegedly discovered a 20-ounce bottle of cooking meth in her purse.  The store was evacuated because of the potential for an explosion or dangerous fumes from the bottle. No one was injured.  The woman and a male companion were arrested. Their names have not been released.

I wonder how many times folk have been walking around in Walmart with just such things in their bags.  I wonder how often they buy their ingredients and step into the bathroom to mix them and then proceed to the parking lot to commence sales…  And I wonder that these meth heads care so little for their own safety and the safety of the public that they don’t mind doing such stupid things…

Poor Walmart.  Bad publicity again.  Poor America.  Drug hell.

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