Rick Warren Is A Miserable Exegete Who Twists Scripture

If you trust his interpretation of Scripture, you know even less than he does (and that’s not much at all).  Take, for instance, his bastardization of the Book of Daniel:

The Bible is not a diet book. Study it as closely as you want, and you’ll never find anything remotely approaching “10 Tips to Drop 10 Pounds.” And yet that same Bible has helped 15,000 members of Rick Warren’s Saddleback megachurch drop a collective 260,000 lbs. The program the Saddleback members are following is known as The Daniel Plan, and in TIME’s health special this week (available to subscribers here), Jeffrey Kluger and I take a deeper look at just why it’s met with such success.

Warren’s ‘Daniel Plan’ is par for the course for this false teacher.  He takes Scripture and makes it into something it never was.   The Time essay continues

Daniel scholar and professor of Old Testament at Princeton Theological Seminary Choon-Leong Seow represents a school of Christian thought that says Daniel is less a story of resisting rich food than a story of resisting a foreign king. (Full disclosure: I took a class on the consequences of Biblical history with Seow when studying for my Masters of Divinity.) Daniel and his friends resisted the king’s table, Seow says, as a tangible expression of their reliance on God’s power instead of the king’s. “They needed to establish their own identity. They even accepted silly names Chaldeans gave them,” Seow explains. “The one thing they could reject was the privilege of the king’s largess.”  If the text were actually about diet, Seow argues, there would be evidence that the king’s table violated Jewish food laws. A Jewish diet would have meant no pork, Seow notes, but most other meats, slaughtered properly, are O.K. Wine too is permissible. Nor does the text give any indication that the king’s food had been offered to idols, which is another thing that would have made it off-limits to the young Jews.

That a vegetarian diet has been recommended by even the likes of Calvin is well enough known but Calvin was himself no tea-totaler!  Warren is a perverter of the Bible.  He’s a salesman marketing his ridiculous books to an audience so bereft of theological training that they are willing to lap up the vomit spewed from Warren’s gaping maw.

His presence at Saddleback and his many minions proves right the Scripture which asserts that ‘in the latter days they will heap up for themselves teachers who tickle their ears’.

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  1. Jon Hendry

    I dunno, a diet consisting of just locusts and honey would probably lead to a great deal of weight loss. Because they wouldn’t be eating.


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