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A Bit of Opera For The Evening

I love Gilbert and Sullivan’s fantastic and funny spoofs and mockeries.  Maybe it’s because of my personality, or maybe I just know brilliant music.  Either way, here’s one of my favorite bits from them.

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Why You Should Root For Denmark in the Euro 2012 Cup

International football tournaments follow a fairly predictable script. The two most predictable scenes, after England failing to live up to the hype and the Dutch being eliminated on penalties, are the precocious young player who impresses and the small country that captures the hearts and minds of casual fans. When Euro 2012 kicks off this weekend in Poland and Ukraine, those looking for an underdog to support and a young player to discover need not look any further than Denmark and their young star Christian Eriksen. There are many reasons to support both.

Take a look at the whole well reasoned sensible piece.  And then pull for the Danes!

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Be A Winner! Of the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, that Is

From Logos-

To mark the release of the newest addition to the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (44 vols.), we’re giving away a copy of the entire EEC! This giveaway ends June 30, so enter soon—and often!

Indeed do.  It’s a fantastic series (so far at least and there’s no reason to think the quality will decline).

The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary (44 vols.) is the first major academic Bible commentary series published in many years. Like the Word Biblical Commentary, the EEC offers the best in evangelical scholarship. Logos has carefully selected authors who are specialists in their field of study, ensuring that each commentary offers critical and exegetical interaction with the Bible in its original languages and context.

The EEC is written from a distinctively evangelical perspective and each volume provides serious exegesis, interacting with primary sources as well as the most up-to-date secondary sources. Such interaction requires that contributors engage with the very best scholarship available. Our commitment to evangelical scholarship is spelled out clearly in the sections on “Biblical Theology” and “Application and Devotional Implications” at the end of each pericope.

I’ve reviewed several of the volumes and found them really quite useful.

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I Can’t Feel Too Harshly Against the Disciples Who Wanted to Call Down Fire From Heaven…

In Luke 9:54 and ff we read

“Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them, just as Elijah did?” But He turned and rebuked them, and said, “You do not know what manner of spirit you are of. “For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.” And they went to another village.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I sympathize completely with the disciples. Who among us hasn’t wanted God to go all ‘Old Testament vengeance’ on someone. The disciples are set off in the text above by those who reject the Message they’ve been preaching. I understand that. There are others, though, who I wish too would taste the divine fire (though only to the point of scorching, not to the point of extermination).

First, people who toss their cigarette butts out of their cars, treating the world as though it were their personal ashtray. What’s wrong with you people?

Second, people who hold their cellphones a foot or two from their faces screaming into them instead of holding them as normal people do – against their ears.  We aren’t interested in your conversations so please spare us.

And third, people who have carts loaded down with items at the store who insist on getting in the 10 items or less lane and then smiling proudly as the cashier funnels their truckload into tiny sacks.

Perhaps my rage against these ‘people’ is irrational. Certainly, I’m confident, Jesus wouldn’t approve. But there you have it. As is so often the case, I sympathize with the disciples. I know how they feel.

[You’ll note that I don’t list our Gay friends. That’s because, more than anything, I wish they knew the peace available in Christ and the wholeness and conflicted-less-ness which Christian faith offers. Am I suggesting that there aren’t Gays who happen to be Christian? Not in the least. I know loads of people living fragmented dis-integrated lives who still hold to faith in Christ. I’m simply saying that – when it comes to Gay folk- I have nothing but a sincere desire that they know God. And I condemn unhesitatingly those Christians (in name only) who have in recent days called for their deaths or imprisonment. Such persons are reprehensible to me.  They are, truth told, fourth on the list.]

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An Old German Proverb

The devil brings up one whom fathers and mothers can’t.


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D.A. Carson is Correct: How Christians Should Write Commentaries

When he writes concerning the rationale behind the writing of a commentary in general and of the Pillar series in particular

The rationale for …[the] approach [exemplified in the Pillar series] is that the vision of “objective scholarship” (a vain chimera) may actually be profane. God stands over against us; we do not stand in judgment of him. When God speaks to us through his Word, those who profess to know him must respond in an appropriate way, and that is certainly different from a stance in which the scholar projects an image of autonomous distance. Yet this is no surreptitious appeal for uncontrolled subjectivity. The writers of this series aim for an evenhanded openness to the text that is the best kind of “objectivity” of all.  If the text is God’s Word, it is appropriate that we respond with reverence, a certain fear, a holy joy, a questing obedience. These values should be reflected in the way Christians write.

1000% correct.  Couldn’t have said it better myself (and it embodies my own methodology of commentary writing lo these many years).


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Israeli Soldiers Use Palestinians to Train Attack Dogs

Ha’aretz reports

Soldiers from an elite IDF canine unit have been confiscating Palestinian vehicles in order to train their explosive-detecting dogs, an activist monitoring the conduct of soldiers in checkpoints told Haaretz.

The unit in question is Oketz, directly subordinate to IDF command, and which, among other duties, trains dogs to locate weapons and explosives. Its training base is located in the Adam base west of Ramallah.

According to Tamar Fleischman, Oketz soldiers have been randomly stopping Palestinian vehicles in the last few weeks as they pass through the Jaba checkpoint, near the city of Ramallah.

The soldiers then reportedly order the passengers to exit and display their identification cards, with one soldier positioned with his weapon aimed at the Palestinians.

At that point, Fleischman said, a dog handler places an object inside the vehicle, which the dog is then sent to find, an receiving a treat upon its retrieval. The passengers then receive their IDs, and are allowed to return to the vehicle. The entire process usually takes around ten minutes.

In what universe is this acceptable?  How can this be classified anything other than total depravity?

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Euro 2012 on ESPN

In case you’re going to watch, ESPN has the full Euro 2012 schedule up on its website.  I’ll be pulling for Denmark since the Swiss didn’t qualify (dagnabbit).  And if the Danes get eliminated it will be the Swedes for me.

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Yes Indeed, Sound Theology Has a Way of Doing That

with thanks to Bob Becking for pointing it out.


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Quote of the Day

Judith the widow asked God to bless her lies. Much like the politicians of our own times. — Emanuel Contac

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Who Will Win Euro 2012?

Paul the Octopus correctly predicts a win by S...

Who knows.  But the Poles and the Ukrainians have a plan to predict it… they’re using a pig and an elephant.

Who’s going to win the European soccer championship? Time to ask an elephant or a pig.  Poland’s answer to Paul the Octopus, the tentacled tipster who gained worldwide fame for his 2010 World Cup predictions, is Citta the Elephant. Ukraine, however, will probably go for an enormous beer-loving pig, although there are big doubts about whether he can handle the media glare.  The parade of supposedly psychic animals comes as the two Eastern European nations gear up to co-host the continent’s most prestigious soccer championship, from June 8 to July 1.

I prefer to predict winners and losers the old fashioned way…  I ask my 4 year old…  4 year old’s know everything.  Anyway, Go Switzerland!


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