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Quote of the Decade

“Those who claim that they are ‘spiritual’ but not ‘religious’ will find no comfort in Acts 2, which ends in church” –Beverly R Gaventa [Seen on Nick Norelli’s twitter feed]. Amen, and amen, Beverly.

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George Zimmerman Isn’t Just a Killer, he’s Also a Liar

Zimmerman, the hero of the racist crowd, lied about the funds he had available for bail and he lied about having an extra passport so the judge wisely ordered him back to jail. George Zimmerman arrived at the Seminole County … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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An Israeli Member of Parliament Calls on Illegal Immigrants to Be Shot as they Cross the Border

And he doesn’t care who that immigrant is– During a tour of the Israel-Egypt border on Sunday, MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said that IDF forces should shoot at anyone that crosses into Israeli territory.  “Anyone that penetrates Israel’s border … Continue reading

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The Vatican Is As Corrupt as it Was in the 16th Century

We just haven’t known the depths of corruption until the floodgates opened from the inside- Pope Benedict XVI may have been hoping for some respite from the scandal which has engulfed his papacy, with a visit this weekend to Milan, … Continue reading

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She Got Drunk, Got High, And Left Her 1 Month Old on her Car Roof When She Drove Off…

This one’s the trifecta of ignorant depravity: an unmarried teenager who gets high on pot and drunk and leaves her baby on the car roof… A woman has been charged with aggravated DUI and child abuse after her 1-month-old baby … Continue reading

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As Israel Begins to Consume its Own…

Had Haaretz journalist Uri Blau not acted the way he did, the newspaper’s editor should have admonished him. Had he not kept the secret documents he obtained from an IDF source, Anat Kamm, he would have betrayed his duty. And … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“Daddy isn’t allowed to dance in public. Mummy says it brings dishonour to our family! Public is anywhere there are other people!” — Abby Stevens (of her dad, Mark)

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