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Quote of the Year

“I don’t want to be misunderstood – so I’ll try to be as clear as possible: Wright is a heretic. A heresiarch. He will forever burn under God’s righteous wrath and under the solemn and scornful gaze of the Lamb … Continue reading

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Look, I Don’t Mean to be Pedantic (It Just Comes Naturally)…

But if you don’t know how to spell “Israel” and instead you spell it “Isreal” you lose me (and all credibility)…

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What REALLY Happened to the Dinosaurs? The Answer!

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Hear, Hear, Christian!

When the place you call your church encourages the murder of others, it no longer deserves to be called a church.  At that moment, it becomes a godless pagan cult and you should leave it without looking back.  I agree … Continue reading

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A German Politician Who Thinks Too Much Contrition for the Holocaust is Counterproductive

I bet this poor guy is assaulted as an anti-semite before anyone even takes a few moments to consider the sanity of his argument.  Here’s what he says: Speaking to weekly newspaper Die Zeit, [Joachim] Gauck said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s … Continue reading

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Hmmm… We May Have an Explanation for all those ‘Clergy’ Who Quit The Ministry and Blame ‘Atheism’…

Perhaps they, like their Catholic counterparts, are leaving for another reason altogether…  Maybe ‘I just don’t believe in God anymore’ [they never believed in God in the first place- they only ever believed in ‘god’, a god their own minds … Continue reading

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New From TVZ: Samuel Arnet’s “Wortschatz der Hebräischen Bibel”

Our friends at TVZ have just published the 4th edition of Samuel Arnet’s Wortschatz der Hebräischen Bibel. Der bereits in vierter, erweiterter Auflage vorliegende «Wortschatz» ist eine unverzichtbare Hilfe, um das Alte Testament auf Hebräisch lesen und verstehen zu können. … Continue reading

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Once More, It’s The Anniversary of the ‘Theological Declaration of Barmen’

The ‘Barmen Declaration’ was promulgated on the 31st of May, 1934. It was the Church’s response to the aggressive secularism of the German Christians and Nazis.  You can read an English translation here. Though signed by many, it was Karl … Continue reading

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Though I’d Love to Read It, I’m Disinclined to Pay $39 for the Privilege…

New in the Palestine Exploration Quarterly, an essay titled PALESTINIAN ANTIQUITIES LOOTERS, THEIR SKILL DEVELOPMENT, METHODOLOGY AND SPECIALISED TERMINOLOGY: AN ETHNOGRAPHIC STUDY. The state of Palestine’s archaeological heritage resources is one of serious risk, due to the on-going looting of … Continue reading

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Bat Poo

A Church in Yorkshire is infested with bats… and can’t take much more. And of course, it being Britain, the bats can’t be driven out- so the people are leaving. Bats, after all, being far more important than people and … Continue reading

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Mike Bost Needs a Xanax

Creepy politicians. Oh shoot, that’s redundant isn’t it.

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Cat-Holics are Bad Readers

via Joel Watts on FB

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