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Quote of the Year

“I don’t want to be misunderstood – so I’ll try to be as clear as possible: Wright is a heretic. A heresiarch. He will forever burn under God’s righteous wrath and under the solemn and scornful gaze of the Lamb of God for all eternity if he does not change his theological views before he dies, or rather, his lack of good theology! He is a false teacher, and one of the most influential heretics of the century because he affected people at the seminary level – where pastors are trained and scholars born – and has infected a good number of churches, right down to the layman and youth of the day.” — Matthew McMahon of A Puritan’s Mind

And I thought the Puritans were goofy! Clearly they had some good thoughts!!!

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Look, I Don’t Mean to be Pedantic (It Just Comes Naturally)…

But if you don’t know how to spell “Israel” and instead you spell it “Isreal” you lose me (and all credibility)…

What REALLY Happened to the Dinosaurs? The Answer!

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Hear, Hear, Christian!

When the place you call your church encourages the murder of others, it no longer deserves to be called a church.  At that moment, it becomes a godless pagan cult and you should leave it without looking back.  I agree with you, Christian.  See his post.  You’ll agree too.

A German Politician Who Thinks Too Much Contrition for the Holocaust is Counterproductive

I bet this poor guy is assaulted as an anti-semite before anyone even takes a few moments to consider the sanity of his argument.  Here’s what he says:

Speaking to weekly newspaper Die Zeit, [Joachim] Gauck said Chancellor Angela Merkel’s stated position that Israel’s right to exist was a raison d’ état or national interest for Germany could be asking too much from the next generation.  “This sentence by Mrs Merkel comes from the hearts of my generation,” he said.   “Everything that we want to do should be guided by the goal that Israel should be protected as the homeland of the Jews,” he said.   “This sentence hasn’t just been born out of political rationale but from a deep contrition. It’s a moral imperative to ourselves which makes me really worried about whether we can translate the magnitude of this demand into political action.”

Gauck, who visited Israel this week, said he was not at all talking about drawing a line under the Holocaust debate. “But there’s one tendency I don’t want to follow – pulling the perception of the Holocaust into a quasi-religious dimension, into something surreal,” he said.

Think about it.  Yes, think about what he says.  Don’t get angry- just think.

Hmmm… We May Have an Explanation for all those ‘Clergy’ Who Quit The Ministry and Blame ‘Atheism’…

Perhaps they, like their Catholic counterparts, are leaving for another reason altogether…  Maybe ‘I just don’t believe in God anymore’ [they never believed in God in the first place- they only ever believed in ‘god’, a god their own minds created] is just an excuse…

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee admitted yesterday that it had paid abusive priests up to $20,000 to encourage them to leave the ministry.

The church released a statement after documents filed during its bankruptcy filings revealed the payments. As The New York Times reports, the 2003 policy was crafted under then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who is now a cardinal in New York and as the head of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Biships, one of the leading Catholic figures in the country.

[‘Biships’????  Really NPR?????  Sigh.  Just.  Sigh]

New From TVZ: Samuel Arnet’s “Wortschatz der Hebräischen Bibel”

Our friends at TVZ have just published the 4th edition of Samuel Arnet’s Wortschatz der Hebräischen Bibel.

Der bereits in vierter, erweiterter Auflage vorliegende «Wortschatz» ist eine unverzichtbare Hilfe, um das Alte Testament auf Hebräisch lesen und verstehen zu können. Im ersten Teil dieses Wörterbuchs finden sich die aufgenommenen hebräischen Lexeme in alphabetischer Reihenfolge, und im zweiten Teil sind dieselben Lexeme nach thematischen Gesichtspunkten geordnet. So lässt sich nicht nur die Bedeutung der einzelnen Wörter nachschlagen, sondern es sind auch Studien zur Semantik möglich. Dank des Registers deutsch–hebräisch sind alle hebräischen Wörter mühelos im ersten und im zweiten Teil auffindbar. Das Buch geht mit seinen über 2500 Vokabeln weit über den Grundwortschatz von etwa 800 Wörtern hinaus.

Once More, It’s The Anniversary of the ‘Theological Declaration of Barmen’

The ‘Barmen Declaration’ was promulgated on the 31st of May, 1934. It was the Church’s response to the aggressive secularism of the German Christians and Nazis.  You can read an English translation here.

Though signed by many, it was Karl Barth who wrote the lion’s share of the text, while the Lutherans were taking their afternoon nap.

On the 50th anniversary of the Declaration, TVZ published a brilliant little (virtually unknown, it seems) volume titled Texte zur Barmer Theologischen Erklärung (second edition, 2004) which contains various essays by Barth which he published over the course of his life on the Declaration.  It’s fantastic.

These lines in particular resonate today-

We reject the false doctrine, as though the State, over and beyond its special commission, should and could become the single and totalitarian order of human life, thus fulfilling the Church’s vocation as well.

We reject the false doctrine, as though the Church, over and beyond its special commission, should and could appropriate the characteristics, the tasks, and the dignity of the State, thus itself becoming an organ of the State.

Americans need to take those theological truths seriously. The State cannot be the Church, and the Church cannot be the State.  As I wrote last year on the Anniversary of the Declaration, more than ever before, the Christian Church needs to affirm the truths expressed in this brilliant document.

Have a Happy Barmen Declaration Day!

Though I’d Love to Read It, I’m Disinclined to Pay $39 for the Privilege…


The state of Palestine’s archaeological heritage resources is one of serious risk, due to the on-going looting of antiquities. Vandalising archaeological resources is a widespread phenomenon throughout the Palestinian National Territories (PNT) and has resulted in either total or partial damage to thousands of these resources, and the extraction of at least hundreds of thousands of archaeological objects. The main aim of this study is to explore the measures that have been used by Palestinian antiquities looters to develop their knowledge, fieldwork skills and experience. To this end, I interviewed 96 antiquities looters residing in the West Bank. The Gaza Strip, which is totally relevant to the issues under discussion, was only excluded from this study due to the current travel restrictions between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

And it can be mine for a paltry (…) $39.  Good heavens.  I’m all for people making a living.. but fair is fair.  $39 for an essay that costs, what, 1 cent to turn into electronic format?  If that?  It was probably submitted by its author in electronic form anyway.  $39…  It’s just absurd.

Bat Poo

A Church in Yorkshire is infested with bats… and can’t take much more. And of course, it being Britain, the bats can’t be driven out- so the people are leaving. Bats, after all, being far more important than people and their roosting far more important than the ministry of the Church…

St Hilda’s church in North Yorkshire has become the roosting place for bats, which has turned many worshippers away from the building. Bat droppings and wider health and safety concerns have meant that the church had not been able to hold a wedding ceremony for over 12 years.

Watch the report.

Mike Bost Needs a Xanax

Creepy politicians. Oh shoot, that’s redundant isn’t it.

Cat-Holics are Bad Readers

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