If You Take the Long Ending of Mark Literally, You’ll Die (and You’re Silly)

Pastor Mack Wolford, the son of a snake-handling pastor who died from a rattler bite, lived by faith and died on Sunday, like his father before him, from a serpent bite.  Julia Duin has the riveting story of belief in miracles that defies mere rational understanding. Wolford, 44, “a flamboyant Pentecostal pastor from West Virginia,” refused treatment for snake bites and, like his father before him, died within hours of a Sunday afternoon service in an isolated park.

Guess they didn’t have sufficient faith then…  Crazy Pentebabbleists.

[Yes, I feel badly for their family.  Yes, it’s tragic.  But it’s lunacy.  And the long ending of Mark isn’t even authentic!]

Pastor Mack doing his thing…

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6 Responses to If You Take the Long Ending of Mark Literally, You’ll Die (and You’re Silly)

  1. You handle the snake, eventually it handles you.


  2. Well, while the Long Ending of Mark may not be linguistically similar to the rest, we do see everything in it, except for the drinking of poison in the NT. I speak in tongues, but don’t believe that we should handle snakes to show our faith in God. That’s tempting God, and God will not honour such behaviour. Besides, this seems to be an Appalachian phenomenon, so not all Pentecostals can be counted as freaks. I am a baptist, don’t push my church speak in tongues at all, or my wife, or anybody else. These guys belief that you “backslide” if you don’t handle a snake. How weird is that???


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  4. What are your reasons for saying that Mark 16:9-20 is not authentic?


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