One thought on “jean-cauvin

  1. I hope to run a John Calvin Society in my native city of Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. My country has turned its back on Calvin, Knox, Zwingli and the other great reformers. With the exception of the free churches and a small number of evangelical and congregational churches, Calvin has been consigned to oblivion. We must do something about it, surely. A weekly society or club would allow readings from Calvin’s Institutes and from his writings on the Old and New Testaments. Even in France there is little interest in Jean Cauvin. The giant of the Reformation has been written out of history. Liberal churches are a dead loss; they have sold out to pagan society and the anti-Christian media. Calvin’s writings are beautifully translated by THL Parker. I would welcome anyone to a society reading whether they are Christians or not. Of course we are living in the 21st Century but there is no reason why Calvin cannot speak to us in our present darkness. Remember the time when nobody wanted to publish the Puritans? Thanks to the formation of the Banner of Truth publishing company, the Puritans have made a massive comeback. Owen, Baxter, Whitfield, Sibbes, Flavel and the others are read and loved throughout the English speaking world. The very presence of Puritan thought and piety is enough to shatter the humbug of liberal and so-called progressive theology. So let us push ahead and bring John Calvin back to the public forum. Why not a cluster of John Calvin Societies in our cities and towns? If only people had a chance to hear his New Testament Commentaries, they would receive such a blessing. His commentary on the Gospel of St. John (Eerdmans, THL Parker) is a masterpiece; it has the status of great poetry as well as great exegesis. Karl Barth said he could have spent his life reading Calvin. And a John Calvin Society could promote Reformed preachers on YouTube such as John MacArthur, James White and John Piper. Mr Piper’s YouTube film on Calvin’s Geneva would be worth screening at a public event. Books such as ‘Calvin in the Theater of God’ edited by John Piper deserve wider circulation. Come on fellow Reformed thinkers and doers. Let’s take on our pagan, post-Christian New Age societies. Let’s bring on the big gun of John Calvin.


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