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The Evangelical Exegetical Commentary: Philemon

The other day I made mention of the EEC.  Today, a few observations on the book of Philemon in that series. First, the introductory material (date, author, occasion, etc.)  is intelligently presented and readers are availed a number of hypotheses … Continue reading

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The ‘Dilly the Dilettante of the Week Award’ Winner!

The Discovery ‘News’!  Well done!!!!!!  (and by ‘well’ I mean profoundly ignorantly and sub-intelligently) – Jesus, as described in the New Testament, was most likely crucified on Friday April 3, 33 A.D. The latest investigation, reported in the journal International … Continue reading

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How Do Churches in Maine Respond to Gay Marriage?

They take up an offering… Up to 200 churches in Maine plan to pass a collection plate on Father’s Day to raise funds to fight gay marriage. The state is holding a referendum on legalizing same-sex marriage in November, and … Continue reading

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Beyond Old and New Perspectives on Paul: Conference Video and Audio

A critically engaging conference based on Douglas Campbell’s book: The deliverance of God. Held at King’s College London on December 16-17, 2011. This conference included presentation of major papers from Alan Torrance of St. Andrews University, Chris Tilling and David Hilborn of … Continue reading

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Flugschriften: ‘Flying Texts’

A Flugschrift is, literally, a ‘flying writing’.  Flugschriften are flying writings or writings that fly off the press and into the public’s hands.  Flugschriften is the plural form of Flugschrift. I mention this because these Flugschriften were to the Reformers … Continue reading

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Do You – In Your Heart – Hate Your Friends?

Then by all means, share this… yet another of the too many Facebook fiascoes.

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Some folk are just a tad unstable…

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