Rick Warren’s False Premise Eviscerated and Exposed

Right here, where the essayist observes

Rick Warren, one of the innovators responsible for foisting the “Seeker-Sensitive Model of Church” upon the Body of Christ justifies his radical innovations by alluding to Christ’s statement to Peter that He’d make Peter a “fisher of men”. Evangelism, according to Jesus is akin to fishing. Rick Warren picks up on Jesus’ fishing theme…


What if Rick Warren’s fundamental premise about evangelism / fishing is dead wrong? What if Rick Warren has mixed his metaphors and has drawn incorrect conclusions about what it means to be a “fisher of men”? What if the fishing Jesus was referring to was not bait fishing but NET FISHING would that cause you to rethink the Seeker-Sensitive movement and question whether its methodologies are faithful to Jesus’ Biblical methods of evangelism? It should.

And then he goes on to show, in fine fashion, the absolutely bogus and misleading nonsense which Warren has managed to sell to the theologically inept.

Warren is a heretic who has misled thousands.  He has disciples only because ‘in the last days they will collect teachers who tickle their ears’.  With thanks to M.A. for the tip on FB.