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Pegging the Seeker-Sensitive Heresy

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California Really is a Red State: The Cost of Gas Across the Country

Via the good folk at GasBuddy.com on the facebook.

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Israel: The Arizona of the Middle East

The parallels are really striking.  They both have lunatics in charge of armed troops (in Arizona it’s that megalomaniac Joe Arpaio and in Israel the equally megalomaniacal Benjamin Netanyahu) and both are occupied with racists wanting ‘aliens’ driven out. Hundreds … Continue reading

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I Hadn’t Realized It Has been a Year Since Harold Camping’s ‘Prophecy’ Failed and His Maniacal Lunacy Exposed For All to See

But Scott has.  And he quotes from an essay recently published on the subject which includes this gem- What happened after May 21 matches up fairly closely with what scholars of apocalyptic groups would expect. The so-called disconfirmation was not … Continue reading

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Radical Islam’s Fanatical and Unbalanced, Hate Filled Misogyny

Some 125 girls and three teachers were admitted to an Afghanistan hospital on Wednesday after being poisoned in their classes with a type of spray, a Takhar provincial official said.  The incident occurred in the provincial capital of Talokhan, in … Continue reading

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Thank You, Jona Lendering

That knower of all things Classical-World was recently in Istanbul and he did me the kindness of picking up a very nice coffee mug.  The photos are via instagram, so the lighting is unusual (because I like fiddling with instagram … Continue reading

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Depravity Begets Depravity

A report in the Telegraph suggests that lapdancing clubs encourage rape and sexual assault.   Gee, really?  Ya think? Inspector Ian Drummond-Smith made the claim in his official letter of objection to an application to open a new strip club in … Continue reading

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It’s Hermann Gunkel Day Once More

The earth has circled the sun again one entire time and we’re back to May 23rd- the day we observe the anniversary of the birth of Hermann Gunkel!  Here are a few previous posts. which mention the great man.  And … Continue reading

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Evangelicals, Don’t Be Ashamed… A New Commentary Series Called the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

Logos launched, last year, a new commentary series aimed at bringing the best of Evangelical scholarship to bear on the interpretation of the biblical text.  It’s called the Evangelical Exegetical Commentary. I’ve received the commentaries on Philemon and Ezra/Nehemiah (take … Continue reading

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Proof that Bethlehem Existed in the First Temple Period

As usual the discovery is made to prove David.  Note the inevitable connection to the Bible in the closing lines.  Again, a bulla is made into a suit… UPDATE:  George Athas has shown quite convincingly that Shukron is wrong. Via … Continue reading

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