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Al Mohler and Too Many So Called Southern Baptists Have Abandoned Their SBC Heritage

He’s glaring at you Mohler, he’s glaring at you.

In their quest for power and their marriage to one political party, they have drifted far and wide from their roots as masterfully enunciated by BH Carroll, one of the founders of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Carroll said

The state, a secular body…can never be united to the church, a spiritual body… without  irreparable injury to both.

He said that in 1913.  If he were alive today he would be enraged at the leaders of SWBTS and the other SBC Seminaries which have become little more than training mills for Republican sock puppets.

Paul Crouch: False Teacher, Pagan, and Heretic

And, alongside those attributes, he’s certifiable.  Exhibit 1– (via Richard Bartholomew on the twitter) –

TBN co-founder Paul Crouch had an unscripted, and rather telling, moment during a live appearance on TBN’s “Behind the Scenes” program. Crouch was speaking with his son Matt on February 9th, just one week after TBN was rocked by a lawsuit filed against it by Paul’s granddaughter Brittany Koper. Koper was a senior executive at TBN until she was fired, allegedly for blowing the whistle on “illegal financial schemes.”

Without naming names, Paul and Matt said “Gold help” anyone who gets in the way of TBN, and Paul claimed to have attended the funerals of two people who had tried. Here’s how their conversation went:

Matt: You know what’s funny dad? There have been a few attempts in the TBN history to upset TBN, to stop TBN. There have been a few fools in the 38, 39 year history, coming up on 40 years. And you what? Any attempt at stopping TBN, they have no idea who they’re actually pushing into the corner. You and mom get pushed in a corner, God help you. That’s a lesson I’ve learned from you. Seriously.

Paul: God help anyone who would try to get in the way of TBN, which was God’s…
Matt: plan and his purpose.
Paul: I have attended the funeral of at least two people who tried.
Matt: Hello.
Paul: Um…
Matt: Hello.
Paul: That’s another whole story.

There’s nothing of God in either TBN or Paul Crouch. He is a false teacher, a pagan, and a heretic. If ever the Church has suffered a cancer since Montanus it is Crouch. Follow him at your soul’s peril.

The Depths of Satan, Or, The Secrets of Atheism

In 1677 Frans Kuyper wrote De Diepten des Satans, of Geheymenissen der Atheisterij, a fun little book which, yes you guessed it, equates atheism with ‘the deep things of Satan’.

Those were the days.

The Juvenilization of American Christianity

New from Eerdmans (and having arrived for review), this:  The Juvenilization of American Christianity.

Pop worship music. Falling in love with Jesus. Mission trips. Wearing jeans and T-shirts to church. Spiritual searching and church hopping. Faith-based political activism. Seeker-sensitive outreach. These now-commonplace elements of American church life all began as innovative ways to reach young people, yet they have gradually become accepted as important parts of a spiritual ideal for all ages. What on earth has happened?

In The Juvenilization of American Christianity Thomas Bergler traces the way in which, over seventy-five years, youth ministries have breathed new vitality into four major American church traditions — African American, Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, and Roman Catholic. Bergler shows too how this “juvenilization” of churches has led to widespread spiritual immaturity, consumerism, and self-centeredness, popularizing a feel-good faith with neither intergenerational community nor theological literacy. Bergler’s critique further offers constructive suggestions for taming juvenilization.

My exceptionally brief review (more of a short note really) is here.

In Our Culture’s Ongoing Quest to Be Politically Correct…

Wedding bells will ring this summer for Marvel Comics’ first openly gay hero, super speedster Northstar.   The New York-based publisher said Tuesday that Canadian character Jean-Paul Beaubier will marry his beau, Kyle Jinadu, in the pages of “Astonishing X-Men” No. 51. That’s due out June 20.  Northstar revealed he was gay in the pages of “Alpha Flight” No. 106 in 1992. He was one of Marvel’s first characters to do so.  Since then, numerous comic book heroes and villains have been identified as gay, lesbian or transgender.

Even characters that exist only on paper have become the tools of political correctness.  What’s so interesting here is the notion that sexuality contributes to one’s status as ‘superhero’ and that, self-evidently, the only contributions homosexual persons make to society are strictly related to their sexual behaviors.

If sexuality isn’t THE defining characteristic of homosexual/lesbian/transgender identity then why is it the only characteristic they talk about?  Why is it ‘front and center’ the only aspect of their being, their humanity that they focus, or seem to focus, on?

If humanity is only to be defined by sexual practice then humanity is nothing more than copulating beast.

I don’t care what superheros do in the privacy of their homes.  That’s between them and God and – if I’m being honest- I prefer not to hear about it.  When, however, the only drum some people beat is the monotone note of sexual behavior, it becomes utterly tiresome.

If I might address the handful of non-heterosexual persons who visit here:  hey guys and gals- do me a favor, please, and tell me something about yourself that doesn’t relate to your sexual interests.

The Eisenbrauns 2012 Mug

How big a bible / ANE geek if you get excited about this sort of thing?  Still, I’m pretty excited!

The First Contributions to ‘The Jesus Process’ Have Appeared

Maurice Casey, “Mythicism: A Story of Incompetence, Bias and Falsehood”

R. Joseph Hoffmann, “Controversy, Mythicism, and the Historical Jesus”

Stephanie Louise Fisher, “An Exhibition of Incompetence: Trickery, Dickery, Bayes”

Enjoy.  You will.  Especially Casey’s.

Oh How I Despise Child Molesters

Nothing stirs the rage in me like these people– whom I honestly and truly wish God would rain down vengeance on in such a way that no one ever even imagined hurting a child again.

A Wartburg man is charged with sexually abusing 10 children.  Cody Ryan King, 21, was indicted Monday by a Morgan County grand jury on two charges of rape of a child, three charges of aggravated sexual battery, four counts of sexual battery, and a charge of statutory rape.  King is accused of abusing nine boys and a girl from June 2010 to December 2011.

And the worst part?  He’s out on bond!!!!  How does someone accused of crimes like that get released on bond?  Corrupt and incompetent judicial malfeasance.

Sign The Whitehouse Petition Requiring Free Access to Taxpayer Funded Research

This is something that should matter to us all.  Our tax dollars pay for this research- we’ve paid once, and we don’t need greedy academic ‘publishers’ forcing us to pay again.

We believe in the power of the Internet to foster innovation, research, and education. Requiring the published results of taxpayer-funded research to be posted on the Internet in human and machine readable form would provide access to patients and caregivers, students and their teachers, researchers, entrepreneurs, and other taxpayers who paid for the research. Expanding access would speed the research process and increase the return on our investment in scientific research.

The highly successful Public Access Policy of the National Institutes of Health proves that this can be done without disrupting the research process, and we urge President Obama to act now to implement open access policies for all federal agencies that fund scientific research.

Sign the petition.  Go do it now.

More Immorality From Another ‘Christian’ School

When the Georgia legislature passed a private school scholarship program in 2008, lawmakers promoted it as a way to give poor children the same education choices as the wealthy.

The program would be supported by donations to nonprofit scholarship groups, and Georgians who contributed would receive dollar-for-dollar tax credits, up to $2,500 a couple. The intent was that money otherwise due to the Georgia treasury — about $50 million a year — would be used instead to help needy students escape struggling public schools.

That was the idea, at least. But parents meeting at Gwinnett Christian Academy got a completely different story last year.

“A very small percentage of that money will be set aside for a needs-based scholarship fund,” Wyatt Bozeman, an administrator at the school near Atlanta, said during an informational session. “The rest of the money will be channeled to the family that raised it.”

How’s that for self serving greed?  Christian?  As if.  With thanks to Irene Hahn on FB for the tip.

Adam, Satan, and the King of Tyre: The Interpretation of Ezekiel 28:11-19 in Late Antiquity

Hector Patmore’s very new volume titled Adam, Satan, and the King of Tyre: The Interpretation of Ezekiel 28:11-19 in Late Antiquity arrived courtesy the folk at EJ Brill for review.

It is an absolutely amazing investigation-

The oracle against the King of Tyre, found in Ezekiel 28.12-19, is a difficult text that inspired diverse interpretations in Late Antiquity. For example, according to one rabbinic tradition the text spoke of the first man, Adam, while the Church Fathers found in the same text a description of the fall of Satan. This book studies the rabbinic sources, patristic literature, the Targum, and the ancient translations, and seeks to understand the reasons for the diverse interpretation, the interaction between the exegetical traditions and the communities of interpreters, in particular between Jews and Christians, and the effect the specific form and wording of the text had on the formation and development of each interpretation.

My review is here.

Do We Need ‘Adam and Eve’?

Karl Hand has written an essay that deserves a read titled Covenant and Myth: Can Reformed Theology Survive Without Adam and Eve?

Abstract: Reformed theology is a diverse movement, and has found many ways to interact with the presence of mythical stories in scripture. There is a strong tendency, however, to draw a ‘line in the sand’ at the historical existence of Adam because of the function that he plays in the history of the covenants – particularly the ‘covenant of works’. This article problematises that line by suggesting that it is possible to build an authentically Reformed and covenantal theology without a historical Adam. The problem of the theologian is to keep his symbol translucent, so that it may not block out the very light it is supposed to convey. “For then alone do we know God truly,” writes Saint Thomas Aquinas, “when we believe that He is far above all that man can possibly think of God.”

You might want to read it. You may not agree, but you’ll learn.

Israeli Settlers Shoot at Palestinians

The Israeli human rights group B’tselem has released a video showing Israeli settlers shooting at Palestinians in the West Bank.  Residents of Yitzhar and the residents of the El Kabalia hurled rocks at each other during Saturday’s violent confrontation, which resulted in residents using live ammunition.

Watch the video here.   I suppose it’s just too much to expect people to act sensibly.  Nah, you’re right.  When there’s a disagreement, just whip out your gun and open fire.  It makes everything all better…  And don’t worry- if you’re an Israeli settler camping on someone else’s land the police and army will just stand by and watch.