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Quote of the Day

[Since God sees everything] … How comes it about that Men are not ashamed to do that in the Sight of God, and before the Face of the holy Angels, what they would be ashamed to do before Men?  — … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times…

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‘Pastor’ Charles Worley Isn’t Christian in Anything But his own Mind

A North Carolina ‘Pastor’s’ call for gays to be penned up until they die shows only one thing: that he is not a Christian and that he has no idea, no clue, and no understanding of what Christianity is. North … Continue reading

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Elie Wiesel Says ‘Jerusalem Has to Be Above Politics’, But He’s the Advisory Chair of Elad…

And Elad is all about politics and nothing but.  Which fact nicely illustrates the ambiguity of archaeology in Jerusalem.  It’s politically motivated in so many respects and the very people who should be unbiased quest-ers for the truth are oftentimes … Continue reading

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Scholars You Should Know: T. Michael Law

T.M. writes of himself- My main research is on the translations, revisions, and recensions of the biblical text in early Judaism and Christianity. The texts and versions include the Hebrew Bible, Qumran materials, Aramaic Targums, Greek Septuagint, other Greek Jewish … Continue reading

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More On the Mysterious Reappearance of the Megiddo Hoard in the News Today

Earlier I mentioned a press release which described something described months ago in a find at Megiddo.  There’s more, as the American Friends of Tel Aviv University point out (with thanks to Joe Lauer for the heads up) – Researchers … Continue reading

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May 21, 1526 Was Also a Monday…

And on that auspicious day none less than Huldrych Zwingli published his little 19 page Flugschrift Die erste kurze Antwort über Ecks sieben Schlußreden.  Zwingli also addressed it to the Confederation (so that all the Cantons which had embraced Reform … Continue reading

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The 2012 ‘Jesus Conference’ Has Found a Home… United Seminary

Joel informs us– I received this in an email from Dr. Keith shortly before my midnight hour: The 2012 Jesus Conference will be held Oct. 4 and 5, 2012 in Dayton, OH.  The co-hosts are United Theological Seminary and the … Continue reading

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A Trove of Jewelry Discovered at Megiddo

This appeared in the news today (even though it’s actually quite old news- having first appeared two months ago- see the link at the bottom of this entry). Archaeologists digging at Tel Megiddo in northern Israel have unearthed what turns … Continue reading

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It’s Best to Avoid Criticizing the Orthodox Church if You Live In Russia…

Or you might find yourself in trouble with the authorities… After Maksim Yefimov wrote a 160-word article criticising the Russian Orthodox Church in the north-western Karelia Region, prosecutors have brought an “extremism” case against him in the Karelian capital Petrozavodsk. … Continue reading

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