If You Have 30 Children, Pay For Them Yourself

Is there anywhere in the world that this is ok?  Is there anywhere where someone can blatantly sow his seed without considering the consequences and then cavalierly ask others to put up the money to support the children he’s fathered?  This is authentically sickening-

A Tennessee man who has fathered 30 children with 11 different women is asking the state for a reprieve from his child support obligations.  Knoxville man Desmond Hatchett, 33, earns the minimum wage but has had his salary garnished since he had his first child 14 years ago, TV station WREG reports.  Despite telling a reporter in 2009 that he was done having babies Mr Hatchett has fathered another nine children over the last three years.  It’s putting pressure on his meagre salary with half of his earnings going to the mothers of his numerous families.

Unfortunately for the many mothers of Mr Hatchett’s children the state cannot take more than 50 percent of his salary so some women receive only slightly more than US1$ per month for each child.  The state said it has no way to force Mr Hatchett to stop having children.  In 2009 Mr Hatchett told an interviewer “I had four kids in the same year. Twice.”  He is believed to be the Knox County record holder for the most children fathered.

The mothers of these children are equally responsible.  If you can’t afford a child, don’t have one.  If you can’t afford 10, don’t have 10.  If you can’t afford 1, you sure as heck can’t afford 30!!!!!  What depravity.

2 thoughts on “If You Have 30 Children, Pay For Them Yourself

  1. Matthew Hamilton

    In our permisive society one child fathered or mothered out of wedlock might be considered “an accident” but two or more should be viewed as a lifestyle.

    The State should legislate two things:
    1. that any adult male or female who wants to receive State support for the second child must first undergo an operation that will limit any further finanial burden on the State
    2. that any man who fathers a second or subsequent child out of wedlock and cannot pay out of his own income to support that child – will be forced to undergo an operation that will limit any further financial burden on the State


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