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Congratulations to the Two Post-Doctoral Recipients of the Nadler Fellowship (Tel Aviv University)

Oded Lipschits writes- The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University is proud to announce the awarding of two post-doctoral fellowships for the academic year 2012-2013 in the fields of Archaeology, Ancient Israel Studies and Ancient … Continue reading

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Dear Christians, Those ‘Facebook’ Pictures Which You Suggest Have to Be Passed On are Annoying- God

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Quote of the Day

God speaks to you that you may make the right decision. But God does not satisfy our curiosity as to what happens about other men who do not decide for Christ. What will be the ultimate fate of other men … Continue reading

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For You Sciency People…

If you happen to reside in SoCal you might want to make plans to attend the ‘God and Human Believing: Christian Faith and Science‘ Conference.  I don’t know anyone on the program except Wentzel, but his lecture will be worth … Continue reading

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Just Tell the Truth

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If You Have 30 Children, Pay For Them Yourself

Is there anywhere in the world that this is ok?  Is there anywhere where someone can blatantly sow his seed without considering the consequences and then cavalierly ask others to put up the money to support the children he’s fathered?  … Continue reading

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Scholars You Should Know: James ‘Jim’ Aitken

James is on the faculty of Divinity at Cambridge University.  Besides being a genuinely nice person, he’s a very, very fine scholar, making regular and significant contributions to the field of Septuagint studies among others.  Take a look at his … Continue reading

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People, People, People… Your Fixation on Sex Will Be Your Undoing

… a man is suing his anesthesiologist in a Miami courtroom after his penis had to be amputated following implant surgery. Enrique Milla and his wife Gloria are seeking “tens of millions” in damages from Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, according to … Continue reading

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Read an Excerpt From Matti Friedman’s ‘The Aleppo Codex’

In the Times of Israel.  You’ll enjoy the snippet, and the entire book.  My review of the volume is here.

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Hoaxes Are Forever, Antonio

No matter how many times, how competently, nor how accurately pseudo-archaeology is debunked, it will always find a fan base.  That’s why some still insist that the Turin Shroud is the burial cloth of Jesus and why others imagine that … Continue reading

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Where in the World is George Bush These Days?

Hangin’ with his homies in the hood… via Michael Turner on G+

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New From Aren Maeir

Philistia and the Judean Shephelah After Hazael: The Power Play between the Philistines, Judeans and Assyrians in the 8th Century BCE in Light of the Excavations at Tell es-Safi/Gath. It’s pp. 241–62 in Disaster and Relief Management – Katastrophen und … Continue reading

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The ‘Jesus Discovery’ is ‘Tendentious and Incompetently Edited’…

And that’s just one of the unpleasant things Raphael Magarik has to say about Tabor and Jacobovici’s ‘Jesus Discovery’ in Forward Magazine.  Here’s Magarik’s concluding paragraphs: In 1835, rewriting the Gospels was the work of grave scholars, the finest minds … Continue reading

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