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Quote of the Day

When duly imbued with the knowledge of God, the whole aim of our lives will be to revere, fear, and worship his majesty, to enjoy a share in his blessings, to have recourse to him in every difficulty, to acknowledge, … Continue reading

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Bored With the Bible?

You should diligently learn the Word of God and by no means imagine that you know it. Let him who is able to read take a psalm in the morning, or some other chapter of Scripture, and study it for … Continue reading

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What’s Going On With Bart?

Bart Ehrman posted this bit in which he describes his experiences writing his latest book. Stephanie Fisher posted, or rather attempted to post a comment, which was bizarrely rejected by Bart because, in his words (in an email to Fisher), … Continue reading

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I’m Glad I’m Not Alone In Remembering Schlatter Today

The folk at Logos have too- As the world spiraled toward a second World War, Adolf Schlatter knew his time on earth was coming to a close. Schlatter had stood behind the lectern of some of Europe’s most prestigious universities, … Continue reading

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Coming May 23rd- A New Academic Project in Quest of the Historical Jesus: The Jesus Process

It’s A Consultation on Method and Madness in New Testament Studies Essays by Maurice Casey, R. Joseph Hoffmann, Stephanie Louise Fisher are promised along with a listing of the ‘consultative committee’.  It will be something to keep an eye on … Continue reading

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Genesis and Christian Theology

Genesis and Christian Theology contributes significantly to the renewed convergence of biblical studies and systematic theology — two disciplines whose relational disconnect has adversely affected not only the academy but also the church as a whole. In this book twenty-one … Continue reading

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The Haredim Won’t Report Child Molesters, But They Will Warn of the Dangers of the Internet…

Originally available for $10, tickets to the ultra-Orthodox “anti-Internet” rally on May 20 at the 40,000-seat Citi Field in New York City are sold out. For those who simply have to be there, there are tickets online at ebay selling … Continue reading

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Dan Wallace on the Discovery of 7 Early Manuscripts

Wallace talks about 7 newly discovered texts which he suggests are all very early, one of which is a fragment of Mark which he claims dates to the first century. With thanks to Ron Kubsch for the tip.

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Remembering the Memorable Adolf Schlatter

Today, May 19th, is the anniversary of his death so I invite you to take a gander at the various Schlatter posts I’ve put online in the last couple of years.   There are loads of pictures, mentionings of several of … Continue reading

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