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The Censoring of Desiderius Erasmus

LiveScience has a pretty interesting piece on the censoring of Erasmus (with thanks to James Waddell on FB for mentioning it). More than 400 years before modern-day governments tried shutting down blogs or blocking tweets, two people tasked with censoring a … Continue reading

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Why Did Nebuchadnezzar II Destroy Ashkelon in 604 BCE?

Alexander Fantalkin discusses the question (though for some reason the pdf wasn’t viewable on academia.edu whereas it downloaded in perfect condition). The significance of the discovery of a destruction layer at Ashkelon, identified with the Babylonian assault in Kislev, 604 … Continue reading

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There Can Be Serious Consequences When a Church Supports Gay Marriage

Take the case of ‘Grace Community Church‘, for example: The small stack of envelopes that arrives at Grace Community United Church of Christ in St. Paul, Minn., each day are filled with good will and small bills — ones, fives … Continue reading

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Study Questions for the Book of Ruth

From Christian Brady. I … really do love this book and I hope others enjoy studying it. I have posted a few things I have been working/thinking on over the last two years with regards to Ruth. I would suspect … Continue reading

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On The Deuterocanonicals: An Observation

I’m diligently working on the latest commentary in my little series (published by the Quartz Hill Publishing House), 1-2 Maccabees.  I have to confess that I am not a fan.  The ‘Taliban-esque’ nature of Judas’s actions are more than a … Continue reading

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Now That’s An Interesting Question: Why DID Amos go to Samaria?

A new contribution at Bible and Interpretation asks and then strives to answer it. The bottom line: The Book of Amos presents Amos as an emissary from the south occasionally prophesying in Samaria and Bethel, as if he represented Zion … Continue reading

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The Lesbians Who Cried Wolf

Hate crimes are despicable.  The people who perpetrate hate crimes deserve hard jail time.  The victims of hate crimes deserve compassion and support.  But the people who fake being the victims of hate crimes deserve nothing but disdain. Police in … Continue reading

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Anything For a Pound, Right Mr Hof?

The Nevada brothel owner who became famous as the star of an HBO reality show says he wants to start a new and fully legal brothel in London during the upcoming summer Olympics — not just because he could make … Continue reading

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Scholars You Should Know: David Beadle

David is a PhD student at the University of Exeter whose supervisor is the beloved Francesca Stra… well you know how to spell it and pronounce it, no need for me to go into that… He’s doing work in the … Continue reading

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Scholars You Should Know: A New Series

Beginning today and from time to time I’m going to post a series titled ‘Scholars You Should Know’.   These are folk who are doing what I think is very useful, very meaningful, and very interesting work. Some of them will … Continue reading

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Tweet of the Day

From Robert Reich- Starting in 70s, US economy shifted from goods to services. In 90s from services to ideas. With FB’s IPO, from ideas to smoke & mirrors. Word.  America used to make things.  Now it makes almost nothing and … Continue reading

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How Can You Tell the Difference Between the State and the Citizen?

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An Evening in Honor of W.G. Lambert

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem The Faculty of Humanities The Institute of Archaeology Invite you to: An Evening in Memory of W.G. Lambert z”l, Professor of Assyriology, University of Birmingham Monday, June 4th 2012, 18:00-20:00 at The Institute of Archaeology, … Continue reading

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