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Trayvon Martin is Being Killed, Again

This time it’s the media pulling the trigger.   So reports have been flooding the twitter all day that Martin had pot in his system; but that fact is completely irrelevant.    Whether or not he had traces of marijuana in his … Continue reading

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The Grave of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Your friend and mine Jona Lendering recently made pilgrimage to Germany and snapped a couple of photos of Dietrich Bonehoeffer’s grave.  Thanks for sending them, Jona!

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Michael Asks ‘How and When Should Christians Name Names’?

To which I reply: whenever it becomes necessary to do so in order to rescue the sheep from an unrighteous fleecing or worse.  Wolves appear and the shepherds are charged with driving them off.

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Twitter’s New ‘Do Not Track’ Privacy Feature

Twitter is the latest site to jump on the Do Not Track bandwagon. The privacy feature, which is currently in use in several major browsers including Mozilla’s Firefox, allows users to opt-out of third-party tracking. The Federal Trade Commission’s chief … Continue reading

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The Fool Has Said In His Heart…

‘It’s not my fault I act this way- God made me like this and so I cannot be held responsible for my moral choices.  I am nothing more than a robot, predetermined to behave in exactly this way…’ Let him … Continue reading

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BAR: Months (no, make that years) Late

The BAR newsletter arrived a bit ago in the email touting the ‘breaking news’ of the ‘discovery’ of Nehemiah (in a fragment) among the DSS. Alas, once again, their breaking news is old news. If they had been paying attention … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Religion Known as Secularism

He’s not wrong, the Cardinal. Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said that distorted notions of equality, freedom and tolerance are “three monsters on our cultural landscape” that formed part of a new and “very, very dangerous” secular religion. Speaking in Leicester Cathedral … Continue reading

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Noah’s Ark Scientifically Proven…

Bahahahah…. hahahahahaha…. hahahahaha!!!!!!

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Politicians and their Witlessness: The Ongoing Saga

Joe Pitts, you’re not alone.  Mike Coffman has, along with every other politician, joined the giant parade of political witlessness and feckery. At a fundraiser in Elbert County last weekend, Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman shared some startling thoughts about … Continue reading

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