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Trayvon Martin is Being Killed, Again

This time it’s the media pulling the trigger.   So reports have been flooding the twitter all day that Martin had pot in his system; but that fact is completely irrelevant.    Whether or not he had traces of marijuana in his blood doesn’t change the known facts that

1) Zimmerman followed him when ordered by the police not to do so.

2) Zimmerman pulled his gun and shot Martin, killing him.

If Martin was being followed (and he was) and Zimmerman confronted him (and he did) it would be natural for Martin to defend himself.

So let’s not forget that Zimmerman initiated contact and Zimmerman shot, and killed, an unarmed kid.  Let’s remember these facts so that when the media tries to kill Martin again (as it is doing, assassinating his character), the public doesn’t lose sight of the real issues.

And shame on the media for blaming the victim.  Were this a case of rape, they never would imagine doing this.  But since it’s the murder of a black kid they’re happy to.

The Grave of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Your friend and mine Jona Lendering recently made pilgrimage to Germany and snapped a couple of photos of Dietrich Bonehoeffer’s grave.  Thanks for sending them, Jona!

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Michael Asks ‘How and When Should Christians Name Names’?

To which I reply: whenever it becomes necessary to do so in order to rescue the sheep from an unrighteous fleecing or worse.  Wolves appear and the shepherds are charged with driving them off.

Twitter’s New ‘Do Not Track’ Privacy Feature

Twitter is the latest site to jump on the Do Not Track bandwagon. The privacy feature, which is currently in use in several major browsers including Mozilla’s Firefox, allows users to opt-out of third-party tracking.

The Federal Trade Commission’s chief technology officer Ed Felten revealed the news this morning during an Internet Week privacy panel and Twitter confirmed the announcement in a tweet.

… When enabled, Do Not Track informs websites and advertisers that users do not want to be tracked for purposes such as behavioral advertising by allowing users to opt-out of cookies that collect personal information. Users can turn on the feature in their Internet browser’s privacy settings, and sites, such as Twitter, will prevent users from being tracked in any way while browsing.


The Fool Has Said In His Heart…

‘It’s not my fault I act this way- God made me like this and so I cannot be held responsible for my moral choices.  I am nothing more than a robot, predetermined to behave in exactly this way…’

Let him who has ears to hear, hear.

BAR: Months (no, make that years) Late

The BAR newsletter arrived a bit ago in the email touting the ‘breaking news’ of the ‘discovery’ of Nehemiah (in a fragment) among the DSS.

Alas, once again, their breaking news is old news. If they had been paying attention in February they would have read the announcement back then.

I suppose they overlooked it in favor of more ‘James Ossuary’ rubbish. Or maybe they’re just not very observant.

UPDATE: Note the tweet sent by one of the editors of the Nederlands Dagblad:

The Dangerous Religion Known as Secularism

He’s not wrong, the Cardinal.

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor said that distorted notions of equality, freedom and tolerance are “three monsters on our cultural landscape” that formed part of a new and “very, very dangerous” secular religion.

Speaking in Leicester Cathedral yesterday evening, the archbishop emeritus of Westminster said: “In the name of tolerance it seems to me tolerance is being abolished. Our danger in Britain today is that so-called Western reason claims that it alone has recognised what is right and thus claims totality that is inimical to freedom.”

He cited the Government’s refusal to allow the Catholic Church an exemption from a law forcing adoption agencies to accept homosexual couples, which led the Church to close its adoption agencies.

He said that “the new secular religion” was “not pure reason but rather the restriction of reason to what can be known scientifically – and at the same time the exclusion of all that goes beyond it”. He added: “It is very, very dangerous.”

He went on: “The propaganda of secularism and its high priests want us to believe that religion is dangerous for our health. It suits them to have no opposition to their vision of a brave new world, the world which they see as somehow governed only by people like themselves.”

He’s not wrong, the Cardinal.  Secularism is a religion  (as is atheism) and its ‘evangelists’ doggedly determined to enforce their will and shove their ‘faith’ down society’s throat.  Else why would they be so determined to eliminate every faith but theirs from the public sphere?

Noah’s Ark Scientifically Proven…

Bahahahah…. hahahahahaha…. hahahahaha!!!!!!

Politicians and their Witlessness: The Ongoing Saga

Joe Pitts, you’re not alone.  Mike Coffman has, along with every other politician, joined the giant parade of political witlessness and feckery.

At a fundraiser in Elbert County last weekend, Colorado Republican Congressman Mike Coffman shared some startling thoughts about President Barack Obama, raising the issue of the president’s United States citizenship.

Toward the end of his speech, after citing the downturn in the U.S. economy, Coffman said:

I don’t know whether Barack Obama was born in the United States of America. I don’t know that. But I do know this, that in his heart, he’s not an American. He’s just not an American.

Yeah, actually he is.  Unfortunately, so are you and the rest of our elected officials.

Have they instituted a low IQ requirement for people running for public office?  Do you now have to have less than a 90 to be elected?