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The Self Proclaimed ‘Bi-Sexual’ Pastor is ‘Upset’ That People Find His Lifestyle Questionable?

Really?  He’s upset?  The new pastor at St. John United Church of Christ in the eastern Missouri town of St. Clair doesn’t play softball, but members of his church do. Or at least they did until their pastor’s sexuality prompted … Continue reading

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Wisconsin! Apparently when Chuck’s Place advertises an all-you-can-eat fish fry, it doesn’t literally mean all you can eat, as Bill Wisth Chris Tilling discovered to his dismay Friday. The Wisconsin restaurant refused to give him any more fish after he … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®:
The next highlight of the Reformation week conference was the visit to Basel. ( see Haus Barnabas report here; Constance report here and Zurich report here). The town of Basel was called…

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Jordan Ballor’s New Book on Wolfgang Musculus

If you’ve just said ‘who’ two times, take a look:

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Hellenism and the Seleucids in the Book of Daniel

I ran across this fascinating paper on Academia.edu by Erica Gazzoldi.  I commend it to you.  It commences “I libri non sono fatti per crederci, ma per essere sottoposti a indagine. Di fronte a un libro non dobbiamo chiederci cosa … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Peripatetic Learning:
In the opening portion of his book, Here and There in the Greek New Testament (1898), Lemuel Potwin articulates the essential traits (or qualities) for exegetes of the NT.* Two stood out from the others, simply…

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People Will Lie and Misrepresent History in Order to Support Their Support of Same Sex Marriage

Since it’s now a commonplace for people to misrepresent the Bible’s view of same sex relations it should surprise no one that history itself is being subjected to the same sort of willful misreading and grotesque misprision. Here’s one of … Continue reading

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New From the German Bible Society: Codex Sinaiticus- Geschichte der ältesten Bibel der Welt

The Germans have published David Parker’s volume in translation- Vor über 1600 Jahren geschrieben, ist der griechische Codex Sinaiticus die wahrscheinlich älteste erhaltene Handschrift der Bibel mit beiden Testamenten. Zugleich stellt er die älteste vollständige Ausgabe des Neuen Testaments dar. … Continue reading

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Face + Book

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The Advertising Standards Authority Has a Bit of a Problem, With the Truth

Archbishop Cranmer has a follow-up to his earlier post on the fiasco called the Advertising Standards Authority, concluding … contra the ASA’s statement on this matter, all that is ‘made clear’ in this communication is that His Grace is expected … Continue reading

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