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Ed Young: America’s Most Famous Pastor Who Shouldn’t Be In Any Pulpit

He is doing more harm to Christianity than imaginable, spewing his anthropocentric bile all in his unending quest for fame and fortune.  The members of his church should leave Sodom while they can, while they’re still able to tell the … Continue reading

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62% of the World’s Pastors Are Untrained

And that’s exactly why the work of institutions like Foundation University is SO important. Most Western Christians probably would not attend a church with a pastor who has never been to seminary, much less a pastor who has never been … Continue reading

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$60,000 Spent in Pursuit of a Dog is an Affront to Decency

If one has $60,000 to toss away one is morally obliged to use it for a positive purpose.  The ‘custody’ of a dog is not a positive purpose.  To use that amount of resources for a purpose morally empty is … Continue reading

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Congratulations Texas, I No Longer Regard You as the Worst State. That Honor Goes to Florida…

Thanks to things like this happening there with a reprehensible regularity: Authorities say a Florida mother shot and killed her four children before shooting herself.  Sheriff’s deputies in Brevard County said 33-year-old Tonya Thomas on Tuesday shot her four children, … Continue reading

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Homosexuality, Shrimp, Slaves, and Poor Hermeneutics

All those who have attempted to discuss the biblical stance on homosexuality have inevitably encountered persons who note that if we wish to apply the OT law concerning homosexuality we are also bound to observe the laws relating to mixed … Continue reading

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The Perfect Title For a Book on Theology: “…”

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Zwingli’s Second Response to Johannes Faber

On 15 May, 1526 Huldrych Zwingli responded to another of Johannes Faber’s pro Rome assaults in his Die andere Schrift an Dr. Johannes Faber. Faber, like Eck, fancied himself a defender of Rome and when Luther or Zwingli wrote, they … Continue reading

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You Can’t Baptize Someone in Something Like That!

Come on, you just can’t…  (though it is cool looking, it really needs to be rectangular).  Besides, someone’s going to fall in and then they’ll be sued.  And unwilling baptized! In der Kirche wo 11. November 1483 Martin Luther getauft … Continue reading

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A New Volume on Prophecy in the Ancient Near East

I’m more than happy to mention this new volume by the bright Jonathan Stökl, University College London– Since the 1990s there has been an emphasis on the study of ancient Israelite prophecy in its ancient Near East context. Prophecy in … Continue reading

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Someone in New Zealand has a Froschauer Bible for Sale… They Say

I received an email this morning from someone in New Zealand offering… to sell our antique bible: 1. DATE and PLACE of Printing? 1540 Zuerich, Switzerland 2. Name of PRINTER? Christoffel Froschauer 3. TITLE and TYPE of Bible? Die ganze … Continue reading

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