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Ed Young: America’s Most Famous Pastor Who Shouldn’t Be In Any Pulpit

He is doing more harm to Christianity than imaginable, spewing his anthropocentric bile all in his unending quest for fame and fortune.  The members of his church should leave Sodom while they can, while they’re still able to tell the difference between Christianity and pseudo-christianity; between theology and pseudo-theology.

“Pastors aren’t typically known for their fashion. Most people don’t think of the runway leading up to the pulpit. But why not?! Why can’t the men and women of God set the standard for the rest of the world in fashion as well as faith?  That’s why we’re launching PastorFashion.com. We want to set the trends.”

Dear God, since when is fashion the interest of ministry- even as a peripheral focus?  Worse still, the Christian Post ineptly and inappropriately opines

Young, who has often remained on the cutting edge of modern Christianity with such controversial initiatives as his Sexperiment book and related sermon series…

Young isn’t on the cutting edge of anything except self serving self promotion and the Christian Post should retract it’s misprision.

…argues that good fashion is necessary to remain relevant to future generations of Christians.

He may argue it but it isn’t so.  If Pastors become Young-ian in their pseudo-theology they might agree with him but the rest of us know that true relevance is biblical preaching.  Anything else is heresy and those who practice such nonsensical, unbiblical rubbish are damnable heretics.

62% of the World’s Pastors Are Untrained

And that’s exactly why the work of institutions like Foundation University is SO important.

Most Western Christians probably would not attend a church with a pastor who has never been to seminary, much less a pastor who has never been to high school. But in many areas of the world, believers don’t have the privilege of making that choice, reports MNN.  In this final installment of our 5-part Global Action series, new president of Global Action Phil Long says training options for most pastors–especially those living in poor or remote areas–are far and few between. As a result, more pastors than you may think go without training.  “62% of the world’s pastors have no formal training and will probably never get any formal training from Bible school. A lot of these pastors have less than a 6th-grade education,” says Long.

We can lament the ignorance of people leading churches around the world, or we can do something about it.  Get involved.

$60,000 Spent in Pursuit of a Dog is an Affront to Decency

If one has $60,000 to toss away one is morally obliged to use it for a positive purpose.  The ‘custody’ of a dog is not a positive purpose.  To use that amount of resources for a purpose morally empty is an affront to decency.  ‘To him to whom much is given, much is required’.

A New York City man has spent more than $60,000 in lawyers’ fees trying to win custody of his dog after his ex-girlfriend took the pooch to California.  Dershowitz considers his dog, Knuckles, his “son.”  In papers filed earlier this year in Manhattan state Supreme Court, Dershowitz said ex-girlfriend Sarah Brega “kidnapped” Knuckles after they broke up.  Brega says Dershowitz gave her the puggle pup – half pug, half beagle.  The Post says Dershowitz has started a website to raise money for the custody fight. For $250, contributors can “play fetch with Knuckles.”

‘A fool and his money are soon parted.’

Don’t insult humankind donating to such a specious cause.  Send me $250 and I will donate it to local hunger relief and you won’t have to pretend to play fetch with a dog.  You can rest at night with a good conscience.

Congratulations Texas, I No Longer Regard You as the Worst State. That Honor Goes to Florida…

Thanks to things like this happening there with a reprehensible regularity:

Authorities say a Florida mother shot and killed her four children before shooting herself.  Sheriff’s deputies in Brevard County said 33-year-old Tonya Thomas on Tuesday shot her four children, who ranged in age from 12 to 17.  Sheriff spokesman Tod Goodyear says three of the children went to a neighbor’s house early Tuesday to say their mother had shot them. The mother then called the children back to the house and killed them.

How awful for those kids.  I understand depression and suicidal tendencies.  Better than you might suspect.  But I’ve never understood, and never will accept the notion, that a depressed parent kills their children.  No, it’s not depression, it’s evil.  If it were authentic depression the depressed would kill her or himself, not anyone else.

At any rate, Florida, you’re just the worst.  You’ve got more killers per capita down there than anywhere else don’t you?  Things like this are rare in West Virginia or North Carolina or Idaho or California or even New York.  But down there, in Florida… it’s almost weekly isn’t it?

Homosexuality, Shrimp, Slaves, and Poor Hermeneutics

All those who have attempted to discuss the biblical stance on homosexuality have inevitably encountered persons who note that if we wish to apply the OT law concerning homosexuality we are also bound to observe the laws relating to mixed garments, unclean foods, and the like.  Their argument runs something like this:

‘If you apply the OT legislation concerning homosexual behavior – that is, a man shall not lie with a man as with a woman, than you have to stop eating shrimp and you have to stop wearing garments of mixed fabrics’.

The problem with this argument is that it fails to distinguish moral law from ritual law.  As such, and as a failure to understand genre, category, and purpose, these arguments are flawed and inappropriate.

Unfortunately, too few of those engaged in discussions about biblical texts have the necessary skills or training to understand their own lack of understanding.  Which is exactly why such discussions never go anywhere.  Those unable to or unwilling to recognize that moral law is one thing and ritual law another will never, in 100 lifetimes, grasp the biblical text.  Their hermeneutical method is skewed and they can’t see it.

The Perfect Title For a Book on Theology: “…”

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Zwingli’s Second Response to Johannes Faber

On 15 May, 1526 Huldrych Zwingli responded to another of Johannes Faber’s pro Rome assaults in his Die andere Schrift an Dr. Johannes Faber.

Faber, like Eck, fancied himself a defender of Rome and when Luther or Zwingli wrote, they felt the need to respond.  Naturally this inevitably led to a response by Luther or Zwingli or both.

In 1526 Faber had compared Zwingli to Goliath and himself to David.  That’s how he saw things.  He would destroy Zwingli in the same way that David had destroyed the giant Philistine.

But not so fast, Zwingli responded (in the booklet at hand).  With brilliant irony and sharp sarcasm, Zwingli took Faber to the woodshed and showed the numerous ways in which Faber was wrong, on doctrine and on the outcome of their encounters.  Here’s how he opens

Liebsten brueder und fründ, es sol uns nit weych machen, daß Faber und sin huff on underloß nit allein widerstond der warheit, sunder ouch dero verkünder und lerer mit allem, das sy vermögend, umbzebringen trachtend, gott geb welchen wäg das volbracht möcht werden; sunder wir söllend daran frolocken [cf. Matth. 5. 12]; dann dise vilvaltigen widerstend sind ein offen zeichen, das wir dem gelobten land nach sind. Es pfyffend alle bäpstler uff dem letzten löchlin, darumb sind sy so ungestuem; thuot inen ouch not, man wil das heylsam fleysch Christi Jesu, das für uns gestorben und deßhalb allein heylsam ist, das aber sy uns dichtet habend lyplich geessen werden, nümmen in dem wärd von inen weder empfahen noch kouffen.

So nun Faber under denen für ander so unreyn gumpet und tröwt, bedörfft es wenig antwortens; dann er thuot sich selb so hüpschlich dar, daß ein yeder verstendiger (ich gschwyg: glöubiger) wol sehen mag, ob doch ein einigs gneystle frommer zucht oder redliche in sinem hertzen sye. So aber er daby mit sinen gschrifften disen vorteil brucht, das er sy beleytet nun in welche hüser er wil, ouch mir sy nit zuoschickt, biß ich sy am merckt feyl find, und darnebend die ort in einer Eydgnoschaft, under dero gwalt er mich zwingen wil, weder min gschrifft noch mine verantwortungen wüssen noch wänen wellend, ouch gemeine Christen nit wüssend, wie es ein handel hat umb die disputation, so muoß ich ja, damit ergernuß vergoumpt werde, etwas lüter und verstendiger reden, damit mencklich die grossen schalckeit Fabers erkenne.

And it just gets better. It does get better! And sarcastic!

You Can’t Baptize Someone in Something Like That!

Come on, you just can’t…  (though it is cool looking, it really needs to be rectangular).  Besides, someone’s going to fall in and then they’ll be sued.  And unwilling baptized!

In der Kirche wo 11. November 1483 Martin Luther getauft wurde, die Petri-Pauli-Kirche in Eisleben, wurde neulich ein Zentrum Taufe eröffnet. Lutherstadt Eisleben, Partner von Refo500, möchte damit die Verbindung legen zwischen Luthers Taufe damals und die Bedeutung der Taufe für Kirche und Christen heute.

The speaker at the dedication is none other than Margot Käßmann.

Hmmm…  she was arrested some time back for drunk driving.  I Hope she’s sober when she delivers the dedicatory sermon….   She’s the

ehemalige Ratsvorsitzende und jetzige Lutherbotschafterin der Evangelischen Kirche in Deutschland,

and she’ll, as I said

predigte zur Eröffnung des Zentrums Taufe in Eisleben. Anliegen des Zentrums sei das Thema Taufe stärker ins Gespräch zu bringen.

A New Volume on Prophecy in the Ancient Near East

I’m more than happy to mention this new volume by the bright Jonathan Stökl, University College London

Since the 1990s there has been an emphasis on the study of ancient Israelite prophecy in its ancient Near East context. Prophecy in the Ancient Near East is the first book-length study that compares prophecy in the ancient Near East by focusing on texts from Mari, the Neo-Assyrian State Archives, and the Hebrew Bible. The author analyzes prophecy in each culture independently before comparisons are made. This method demonstrates how prophecy is a part of the wider system of divination, but also shows where scholarship has unduly imported concepts found in one corpus to the other two. This method, for example, calls into question the supposed link between music and prophecy from the Hebrew Bible to the ancient Near East. This work provides an up-to-date analysis of ancient Near Eastern, including Israelite and Judean, prophecy to scholars and students alike.

Doubtless it will be quite the read.

Someone in New Zealand has a Froschauer Bible for Sale… They Say

I received an email this morning from someone in New Zealand offering…

to sell our antique bible:

1. DATE and PLACE of Printing? 1540 Zuerich, Switzerland

2. Name of PRINTER? Christoffel Froschauer

3. TITLE and TYPE of Bible? Die ganze Bibel, Altes und Neues Testament – German Bible – the whole Bible including old and new Testament

4. HEIGHT and WIDTH and THICKNESS measurements? Measurements of the cover: 367 (L) x 260 (W) x 112 (Thickness) Measurements of the pages: 350 (L) x 236 (W) x 92 (Thickness)


6. TYPE and CONDITION of BINDING Leather? See photo

7. CONDITION of pages and mention of any missing pages Very good condition, complete! Heirloom of our Family, was once refurbished.

Are you interested in buying this lovely Heirloom or would you know someone who would love to have it in his possession?

I’m not, but here are the photos and if you’re interested I’ll pass along the contact info:

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