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Oded Golan Isn’t Getting His Stuff Back (if the IAA Has Its Way)

The Jerusalem Post (Matthew Kalman to be specific) reports

Antiquities Authority determined not to return dozens of items to Israeli collector accused of faking burial box of Jesus’s brother.


The Antiquities Authority, backed by State Attorney Moshe Lador, has launched a desperate rearguard action to reverse its humiliating defeat in a seven-year trial that ended with the acquittal of an Israeli collector accused of faking the burial box of the brother of Jesus and an inscribed stone tablet that may have hung on the wall of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem.  The latest twist came during a routine sentencing hearing at the Jerusalem District Court last Tuesday, two months after the stunning collapse of the high-profile prosecution.  Prosecutor Dan Bahat revealed that the Antiquities Authority was determined not to return dozens of items, including the burial box and the stone tablet to their owner, despite his acquittal on all the relevant charges.

This bit is priceless:

Bahat compared it to returning drugs to a dealer acquitted on a technicality.

In other words, everyone knows he’s OJ guilty but the court wasn’t convinced beyond a reasonable doubt (or whatever the Israeli equivalent is). Indeed

The Antiquities Authority has shown no sign that it accepts the not guilty verdict. Its spokesmen continue to describe the items in the trial as fakes and the authority appears to be determined to punish Golan despite losing the case. Bahat said the decision to seek confiscation of the property and a harsh sentence had been taken personally by the state attorney.

And finally

… the Antiquities Authority seems determined to enforce its will through the courts rather than academic discussion – and to pursue legal action against anyone who dares to challenge its diktat. The authority ordered the unprecedented prosecution of the late Prof. Hanan Eshel of Bar-Ilan University for buying important artifacts and studying them before handing them over to the state. Last week, the authority was back in court in Nazareth, prosecuting a resident of Zipori for “damaging” an ancient tomb that he discovered and was trying to preserve.

Read the whole, well written, piece.


stolen from Thomas Bolin on the FB

Catholics are just weird. With their weird costumes and their flying commencement speakers… Weird…

Ephesus as a Religious Center Under the Principate

Just a reminder to those of you still on the fence about what to do next weekend.  You could always go to the conference on Ephesus being held at the Harding School of Theology.  It’s going to be great.

You may even run into me there if you go.  How great would that be for you!  😉

[Go anyway…]

I Just Love Dropbox

Dropbox App

Dropbox App (Photo credit: Funkbreaks)

So a few weeks back I added Dropbox and just love it.  Really a lot.  And I wrote them a note and told them so.  That’s all, nothing more, just that.

They replied with a thank you and the gift of 3 more GB of storage for free.  That’s beyond nice, isn’t it.

Anyway, today they’ve commenced Dropquest 2012.

Dropquest is a multi-step scavenger hunt that has you solve a series of puzzles (inspired by the likes of MIT’s mystery hunt or notpron [though not nearly as time/effort-consuming]). Everyone who completes Dropquest will get at least 1 GB of space (even if you participated last year). Also, everyone starts at the same time, but the questers who finish the soonest get amazing prizes!

So how neat huh?!  If you’re looking for secure, reliable, easy to use and share data storage ‘in the cloud’ might I commend to your attention Dropbox?  It’s as cool as WordPress and as awesome as Google.

Martin Luther: On Mother’s Love

You say that the sins which we commit every day offend God, and therefore we are not saints. To this I reply: Mother love is stronger than the filth and scabbiness on a child, and so the love of God toward us is stronger than the dirt that clings to us. Accordingly, although we are sinners, we do not lose our filial relation on account of our filthiness, nor do we fall from grace on account of our sin.  — Martin Luther

[The context is Luther’s argument with those schismatics who believe salvation, once obtained, can be lost].

Photos From the Oslo 2012 Conference

Oslo hosted the Refo500 Conference over May 10-12 and they’ve posted some photos.  It looks to have been a fine meeting (which I wish I could have attended).