David Jeselsohn, of ‘Gabriel’s Vision’ Fame, Writes in Defense of Robert Deutsch

Dr Jeselsohn writes

April 9, 2012
Dan Hotel Tel Aviv

We are all aware of what Robert Deutsch has suffered for the past seven years with the injustices cast upon him in a whirlpool of slander and libel and of criminal accusations. With amazement and a good deal of admiration I followed the behavior of Robert Deutsch during the course of that bizarre and hallucinatory trial. I can’t comprehend from where he was able to draw the moral strength and the tranquil behavior in order to continue his scientific (archeological) activities, his commercial business and his auctions twice a year.

This trial would not have taken place if not for the fact that the Antiquities Authority acted imprudently, senselessly, foolishly and regrettably, with malice. Yes, with malice. It seems to me, at least for now, that the decision of the judge at the District Court in Jerusalem to acquit Robert of all charges and after the moral and financial damages incurred by him, the Antiquities Authority should express its full apology and reimburse him for the damages he sustained as well as learn a lesson for the future. If they are not forthcoming, the authorities responsible for the activities of the Antiquities Authority, including the minister in charge and the Archaeological Council should draw their conclusions in light of all that transpired and the total loss of confidence in the Antiquities Authority. They should consider replacing the AA’s directorate as soon as possible.

Dr. David Jeselsohn, Zurich.

You may remember Dr. Jeselsohn from a story in Ha’aretz from 2007. Or a Reuters essay from 2008. Or, more recently, from a Vatican Insider essay from 2012.

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