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On Theology: An Observation

Theology is most polemical when at its most practical;  theology is most practical when at its most polemical.

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Same Sex Marriage Makes Sense… If Your Worldview is Skewed and Your Theology Unbiblical

Michael Horton has a very, very fine, very intelligently written, unassailable piece on the fact that same sex marriage makes sense only in a society adrift, where ego-centrism reigns and the God revealed in Scripture is jettisoned.   Some of … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Vaisamar:
Vecinii noștri de la ITP au vrut să construiască 3 blocuri mari de locuințe. Nefăcându-și bine socoteala cheltuielilor, au săpat o groapă mare, au turnat temelia și s-au oprit din cauză de criză. Peste groapă a…

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Google Maps, Orbis, and the Ancient Roman World

With many thanks to Joel Green for mentioning this fascinating resource on G+. For the first time, ORBIS allows us to express Roman communication costs in terms of both time and expense. By simulating movement along the principal routes of … Continue reading

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The Persian Imperial Authorization as Historical Problem and as Biblical Construct: A Plea for Differentiations in the Current Debate

Another great essay by the great Konrad Schmid.  It was originally published in 2007 but remains relevant.

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David Jeselsohn, of ‘Gabriel’s Vision’ Fame, Writes in Defense of Robert Deutsch

Dr Jeselsohn writes April 9, 2012 Dan Hotel Tel Aviv We are all aware of what Robert Deutsch has suffered for the past seven years with the injustices cast upon him in a whirlpool of slander and libel and of … Continue reading

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Britain’s Outrageous Censorship Practices: ‘Archbishop Cranmer’ and the Advertising Standards Authority

This really, really is outrageous.  Because a blogger calling himself Archbishop Cranmer posted this pro-marriage graphic on his blog, the authorities in Britain are assaulting him with threatenings: Here’s what the blogger says- Apparently there have been a number of … Continue reading

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Asking The General Public What the Bible Says About Gay Marriage…

Is like asking a class of kindergarteners what it thinks of Congress.  They may have an opinion, but it’s not an informed opinion and it shouldn’t be viewed as in any sense meaningful. The problem is, however, that too many … Continue reading

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Twitter Goodness

Oh that’s rich… someone needs to learn a few words.  And their meaning.  And how to spell them.

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Breast Feeding Your Four Year Old?

It’s just creepy.  It’s like the moms who plop themselves in the tub and bathe their 12 year old sons (and yup, I sure do know such people).  It’s really, really creepy. The subjects on this week’s TIME cover aren’t … Continue reading

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