Seth Sanders et al on the Qeiyafa Discovery

Seth (and some others) have some thoughts on possible unintended consequences of the Qeiyafa find.  It begins

Notes from a conversation between Seth Sanders, Matthew Suriano and Jacqueline Vayntrub.

“The difference between the new model shrines and others is that these come with a press kit.”

It is tempting to dismiss claims about the new discoveries as exaggerated, self-contradictory, or even fundamentalist. The newly discovered model shrine is somehow supposed to testify to both the biblical ban on graven images and the biblical Ark of the Lord–despite being festooned with birds and lions and bearing no striking resemblance to the account in Exodus. Footprints of King David, a glossy book about the finds available the day of the press conference, did not help to soften the impression of hasty sensationalism.

I sure hope he didn’t mean to imply that my posting of the Hebrew University press release was a tacit agreement with the claims of Garfinkel or even crypto-fundamentalism on my part.  Neither would be true.

[Ok, I asked and he didn’t mean to make any such implication.  Whew].

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