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Open Wide, Hell, Another Molester Will Be On the Way

A New Jersey woman admitted Wednesday to sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl she was allegedly babysitting and putting a video of the assault on the Internet.  Jennifer Mahoney, 33, of Manalapan pleaded guilty in U.S. District Court to sexual exploitation … Continue reading

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James Crossley: Handbag and Luggage Designer

If you thought James was busy with academic endeavors, you’re mistaken.  He’s actually quite busy with his new line of designer handbags and luggage. Indeed, one of my trusty and trusted contacts was in San Francisco yesterday and took this … Continue reading

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How to Know When the Church You Attend Has Died

As soon as falsehood has forced its way into the citadel of religion, as soon as the sum of necessary doctrine is inverted, and the use of the sacraments is destroyed, the death of the Church undoubtedly ensues, just as … Continue reading

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President Obama Just Lost the South and the Mountain States

I suppose it was inevitable given his refusal to enforce DOMA, but now that he’s come out in support of gay marriage, he can – essentially – kiss the South and the Mountain States goodbye.  He’s just handed them to … Continue reading

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Media Exaggeration: This Is Why No One Should Trust the Press

The Atlantic Wire’s headline shows why the general public shouldn’t trust the media.  Instead, it should ask actual experts directly. Archaeologists Claim They’re One Step Closer to Proving the Bible True I don’t recall that sentiment being expressed even by … Continue reading

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$135 is High, But It’s less Than $180

So I’ve ordered the Davies Festschrift from our friends at Eisenbrauns (or to be more exact, they’ve emailed and asked if I still wanted the volume [with the new title] that I placed on order 5 years ago).   Gosh I’m … Continue reading

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James McGrath’s Great Roundup of Qeiyafa Posts and a Sage Observation by J.S.

I think he’s collected everything worth collecting and made some sensible comments along the way.  Give it a read.  We’ve also been discussing the discovery on the biblical studies list and Jonathan Stökl sagely observed that: I agree that [that] … Continue reading

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Cantons, Politics, and The Fusion of Church and State

One of the clearest proofs of the complete fusion of Church and State in 16th century Switzerland is found in a tiny document wherein Zwingli intersperses his own notes with political debate. The Zusätze Zwinglis zu Heinrich Utingers “Bericht wegen … Continue reading

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Oh That’s Rich: She’s Being Sued Because She Sent a Text, And The Recipient Was Driving and Wrecked When he Answered It

A New Jersey judge will rule this month whether a woman who sent a text message to the driver of a pick-up truck is partially liable for his subsequent crash into a couple riding a motorcycle. The case stems from … Continue reading

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Seth Sanders et al on the Qeiyafa Discovery

Seth (and some others) have some thoughts on possible unintended consequences of the Qeiyafa find.  It begins Notes from a conversation between Seth Sanders, Matthew Suriano and Jacqueline Vayntrub. “The difference between the new model shrines and others is that … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have to Toss the Albatross

And that’s what Germany wants to do with Greece, Europe’s albatross. “We should make Greece the offer to leave the eurozone in an orderly fashion, without leaving the European Union,” said Klaus-Peter Willsch, budgetary expert for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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North Carolina Says No to ‘Gay Marriage’

By an overwhelming majority.  Do you know what that’s called?  Democracy. Voters in North Carolina Tuesday approved a state constitutional amendment forbidding gay marriages, civil unions and domestic partnerships, still divisive social issues in the United States.  The measure was … Continue reading

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