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More Going on at the 65th Anniversary of the Biblical Studies Department, Sheffield

From Viv Rowett, this news: Philip Davies will be giving the third lecture in the series [of lectures in observance of the Department’s anniversary], ‘Bible as History’ on 6 June at 6.30pm at the Jessops West Exhibition Space, Sheffield. This … Continue reading

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Thomas Römer and Yosef Garfinkel and Qeiyafa in Paris

Thomas Römer Milieux Bibliques Conférenciers invités Yosef Garfinkel, Professeur à la Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israël) – Portable Shrines from Khirbet Qeiyafa and the Biblical Descriptions of Solomon Palace and Temple. Le mercredi 23 mai 2012, à 14h00. Nifty.  I … Continue reading

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The Documentary Hypothesis is Coming Back…

Or so it seems. The Documentary Hypothesis, abandoned in much pentateuchal scholarship of the last 40 years, is making a significant resurgence, although in a new and more precisely argued form. It is once again taking its place as a … Continue reading

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The Mega-Church Scam

I’m glad the government is looking into the doings of these thieves. Ephren Taylor stepped into the pulpit with the ease of preacher’s son, taking the microphone at the New Birth Baptist Church in Atlanta, where the powerful pastor Eddie … Continue reading

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Karl Barth on the Kirchenkampf

More fun from the KB Org.

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Tom Wright’s New Testament isn’t Really a Translation, It’s a Targum

Robert Gundry has absolutely nailed it when he describes NT Wright’s ‘translation’ as something else altogether: Does KNT work, then, as a translation in the sense taken for granted by J&J when reading both KNT’s subtitle, “A Contemporary Translation,” the … Continue reading

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The Amusing Pendulum Swinging Thing Called ‘Scholarship’

Duane Smith is put out. He’s not very happy that the revelation of the Qeiyafa materials were announced (how dare they) before the proper plodding peer review process! He writes It means that I think a sensationalized presentation of potentially … Continue reading

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Karl Barth: On the Confessing Church

Here’s a gem

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Drunks, You’re Not Funny, You’re Idiots

Police in northeast Indiana say a man who drove three blocks with four children strapped to the hood of his car has been arrested on a drunken driving charge.  Fort Wayne police spokesman John Chambers says a witness called police … Continue reading

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Konrad Schmid on Job

Konrad has uploaded this essay to Academia.edu: Innerbiblische Schriftdiskussion im Hiobbuch. Give it a look.

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It’s Not an Academy Award, It’s Better, Because It Means Something!

Hearty congratulations to Francesca Stavrakopoulou on her receiving the Research Inspired Teaching Award a few days ago at Exeter University!  She’s Greek, but there’s nothing at all bankrupt about her skills or abilities.  Further, she’s a very fine person.  So, again, … Continue reading

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It’s a Big Day, Archaeologically Speaking: They’ve Found Jesus’ Last Will and Testament in Bethlehem…

An archaeologist has scored the discovery of a lifetime, unearthing a tattered, faded parchment that experts have certified as the last will and testament of Jesus Christ. “It’s absolutely genuine,” affirms Dr. Qustandi Shomali, Director of Bethlehem University’s Department of … Continue reading

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The Hebrew University Press Release on the Qeiyafa Discovery

Hebrew University archaeologist finds the first evidence of a cult in Judah at the time of King David, with implications for Solomon’s Temple Jerusalem, May 8, 2012—Prof. Yosef Garfinkel, the Yigal Yadin Professor of Archaeology at the Institute of Archaeology at … Continue reading

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A New Project and A Request for Assistance

A new project, http://www.classicaltimeline.com, is currently seeking an editor for its section on religion/religious figures in classical antiquity. If you would like to be involved, or just wish more information, contact Erlend D. MacGillivray School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy … Continue reading

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News from Qeiyafa: The Discovery of Two Decorated Cultic Boxes

From Barnea Selevan after the news conference this morning. Based on two decorated cultic boxes Prof. Yosef Garfinkel of the Hebrew University and Saar Ganor of the Israel Antiquities Authority suggest revising the understanding  of several biblical verses and practices. … Continue reading

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Happy ‘Place Luther Under the Ban’ Day!

It was the 8th of May, 1521, when Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, placed that troublemaker Luther under the Ban at the Diet (pronounced ‘deet’) of Worms (pronounced ‘vorms’).  Happy Ban Luther Day to you!  Let’s all take some time … Continue reading

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The Mummy’s Wrath

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