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Girls Play on the Boy’s Team, So Boys Should Be Able to Play on the Girl’s Team

He’s too good, and that’s too bad.  A 13-year-old New York boy who played field hockey growing up in Ireland has been told that after two years as a member of the Southampton High School girls’ team, he is now too skilled to qualify for an exemption allowing him to compete with – and against – girls next season.

Sexism at its worst.  If it were a girl being removed from the boy’s team for the same reason N.O.W. would have Gloria Alred screaming at the cameras before you could say Title IX.  If playing  on the girl’s team is his only option, let the kid play.

“It’s really annoying,” the eighth-grader said in a recent interview. “I’m just 4-foot-8 and 82 pounds, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t be allowed to play. I don’t really care if I’m on a girls’ team or a boys’ team, I just want to play.”

I’m on your side, kid.

The University of St Andrews is Looking for a New Testament Lecturer

If you can tolerate the dank darkness that is Scotland and the naked blue men rushing down from hills and cliffs seeking only to slit your throat who inhabit that Presbyterian land, this may be for you.

Applications are invited for the post of Lecturer in New Testament Studies, in the School of Divinity. You must have appropriate academic qualifications in New Testament Studies (to include a completed PhD and excellent language skills), and demonstrate appropriate experience of teaching and/or show outstanding potential to develop as a successful teacher of the discipline in a University setting. You must have a very strong commitment to research, with the capacity to make an immediate contribution to the established research excellence of the School and a clear programme of anticipated research activity over the coming years.

You must also have a high tolerance for dreary-ness.  Which, I happen to know, many of you do.  Else why would you be here?

James Crossley’s thoughts on the firing of Anthony Le Donne. Worth reading in its entirety.

My ‘Social Media Will’

I do hereby bequeath my blog posts, twitterings, and facebookings to whomsoever already has access.  The end.

[NB- You’ll know quite easily when I’m dead.  I will not have posted for a week.   And by that time I’ll be pushing up daisies at the Body Farm.  The end.]

Total Depravity: The Case of Kacy Christine Wilson

Kacy Christine Wilson, a 28-year-old former teacher at Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Fla., is being accused of pulling a 16-year-old student out of class and then leading him to a closet to have sex, WOFL-TV reports.

Moms and dads, your sons don’t seem to be any safer these days with these predators any more than altar boys were safe with Priests in the 60’s – 90’s.

… last month, the victim admitted to the relationship, leading to Wilson’s arrest in Colorado, after which she was extradited back to Osceola Counting and is now held on $85,000 bond.

The moral of the story?  Twofold:  first, morality is dying among the very people we should, as a society, be able to trust to act morally (our teachers) ; and second, you can’t let your children out of your sight anymore.

So Let Me Get This Straight… A Fat Cat Dies and It’s News, But Helmer Ringgren Dies and The Media Doesn’t Notice???

Helmer Ringgren died on March 26 and I have yet to see any mention of it in the press, at all.  Anywhere.  But today some stupid, obese cat dies and it’s all over the news????  Not only that, it ranks as a ‘top story’ on ABC????

This is why I hate, I loath, I despise so much so called ‘reporting’.  It’s vapid and pointless and stupid and idiotic.  It’s no better than info-tainment.  It’s contemptible.

[Yes, if you feel your screen putting off heat, that’s rage transfer.  Pure, ummixed, undefiled, unmitigated rage and hatred].

Not Only Does the HuffPo Twitter Editor Not Know How To Spell, He (She) Also Asks Silly Questions

Come on, HuffPo, seriously.  It’s ‘medal’ not ‘metal’.  And asking if a gold medal gymnast ‘may’ be gay is like asking if the flamboyant hairdresser or florist is gay.

Rectal Pills, Catholic Schools, And German Sensibilities…

Only in Germany, friends.  Only in Germany…

A German Catholic boys’ school is fighting for the right to give its pupils suppositories, in the face of a city council report on the use of rectally-administered medication.

Catholics… fighting to retain the right to insert medication into the rectums of young boys… As the kids say, “SMH’.  The report contains loads of info which can only be experienced rightly fully. So go read it. And then shake your head too.

Israel’s Monstrous Policy

Israel is planning to revive a controversial form of collective punishment by razing the family homes of two Palestinians convicted of murdering Jewish settlers in the West Bank.

To be sure, punish murderers. I’m all for that. What I object to, and every Christian must, is the monstrous policy of razing the homes of the guilty- thus punishing entire families for the act of one. This is immorality and barbarity.

Ehud Barak, Israel’s increasingly hawkish defence minister, approved an intelligence recommendation to demolish the houses of Hakim and Ajmad Awad, two cousins from the Palestinian village of Awarta. The decision, the first of its kind in nearly seven years, will render the wives and children of both men homeless.

Vile cowardice.  I hope and pray that this government is tossed from office in the next elections.

TANAK: A Theological and Critical Introduction to the Jewish Bible

The always considerate folk at Fortress have sent for review this new work by Marvin Sweeney- TANAK: A Theological and Critical Introduction to the Jewish Bible.

Says the publisher’s blurb-

Though “biblical theology” has long been considered a strictly Christian enterprise, Marvin A. Sweeney here proposes a Jewish theology of the Hebrew Bible, based on the importance of Tanak as the foundation of Judaism and organized around the major components: Torah, Nevi’im (Prophets), and Kethuvim (Writings). Sweeney finds the structuring themes of Jewish life: the constitution of the nation Israel in relation to God; the disruption of that ideal, documented by the Prophets; and the reconstitution of the nation around the Second Temple in the Writings. Throughout he is attentive to tensions within and among the texts and the dialogical character of Israel’s sacred heritage.

You can view the table of contents, the introduction, and the first part of chapter 1 online. I’ll be reviewing each main part:

Part I- Introduction
Part II- The Torah
Part IIIA- The Former Prophets
Part IIIB- The Latter Prophets
Part IV- The Ketuvim/Writings
Part V- Conclusion

As much as I would like to be able to recommend this volume, I cannot.

The Hebrew University Archaeology News Distribution List

Dov Smith writes

Anyone interested in subscribing to the Hebrew University’s archaeology news distribution list can send an email to dovs@savion.huji.ac.il with the subject line “Subscribe to archaeology list”

Total Depravity: The Mom Who Killed Her Son for Interrupting her Farmville Game

No joke:

Alexandra V. Tobias is awaiting trial after pleading guilty to shaking her 3-month-old son to death… The 22-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident recently plead[ed] guilty to killing her 3-month-old son over an online game. She admits that Dylan Lee Edmonson had been crying for a while as she played the popular Facebook game Farmville.

Alexandra told police that when the infant wouldn’t stop crying, last January, she stepped away from the game long enough to shake the boy, smoke a cigarette and then shake the boy again. The unfit mother suggested that little Dylan “may have hit his head during the shaking.”

Florida…  Farmville… Smoking…  Murderess.   I don’t know where she is right now, but I know where she’s going eventually.