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Girls Play on the Boy’s Team, So Boys Should Be Able to Play on the Girl’s Team

He’s too good, and that’s too bad.  A 13-year-old New York boy who played field hockey growing up in Ireland has been told that after two years as a member of the Southampton High School girls’ team, he is now … Continue reading

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The University of St Andrews is Looking for a New Testament Lecturer

If you can tolerate the dank darkness that is Scotland and the naked blue men rushing down from hills and cliffs seeking only to slit your throat who inhabit that Presbyterian land, this may be for you. Applications are invited … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Sheffield Biblical Studies:
Like others (e.g. Bird, West, and by implication Hurtado), it is difficult not to feel that there is something deeply wrong about what happened to Anthony Le Donne at Lincoln Christian University. I’m probably…

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My ‘Social Media Will’

I do hereby bequeath my blog posts, twitterings, and facebookings to whomsoever already has access.  The end. [NB- You’ll know quite easily when I’m dead.  I will not have posted for a week.   And by that time I’ll be pushing … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Case of Kacy Christine Wilson

Kacy Christine Wilson, a 28-year-old former teacher at Osceola High School in Kissimmee, Fla., is being accused of pulling a 16-year-old student out of class and then leading him to a closet to have sex, WOFL-TV reports. Moms and dads, … Continue reading

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So Let Me Get This Straight… A Fat Cat Dies and It’s News, But Helmer Ringgren Dies and The Media Doesn’t Notice???

Helmer Ringgren died on March 26 and I have yet to see any mention of it in the press, at all.  Anywhere.  But today some stupid, obese cat dies and it’s all over the news????  Not only that, it ranks … Continue reading

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Not Only Does the HuffPo Twitter Editor Not Know How To Spell, He (She) Also Asks Silly Questions

Come on, HuffPo, seriously.  It’s ‘medal’ not ‘metal’.  And asking if a gold medal gymnast ‘may’ be gay is like asking if the flamboyant hairdresser or florist is gay.

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Rectal Pills, Catholic Schools, And German Sensibilities…

Only in Germany, friends.  Only in Germany… A German Catholic boys’ school is fighting for the right to give its pupils suppositories, in the face of a city council report on the use of rectally-administered medication. Catholics… fighting to retain … Continue reading

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Israel’s Monstrous Policy

Israel is planning to revive a controversial form of collective punishment by razing the family homes of two Palestinians convicted of murdering Jewish settlers in the West Bank. To be sure, punish murderers. I’m all for that. What I object … Continue reading

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TANAK: A Theological and Critical Introduction to the Jewish Bible

The always considerate folk at Fortress have sent for review this new work by Marvin Sweeney- TANAK: A Theological and Critical Introduction to the Jewish Bible. Says the publisher’s blurb- Though “biblical theology” has long been considered a strictly Christian … Continue reading

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The Hebrew University Archaeology News Distribution List

Dov Smith writes Anyone interested in subscribing to the Hebrew University’s archaeology news distribution list can send an email to dovs@savion.huji.ac.il with the subject line “Subscribe to archaeology list”

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Total Depravity: The Mom Who Killed Her Son for Interrupting her Farmville Game

No joke: Alexandra V. Tobias is awaiting trial after pleading guilty to shaking her 3-month-old son to death… The 22-year-old Jacksonville, Florida resident recently plead[ed] guilty to killing her 3-month-old son over an online game. She admits that Dylan Lee … Continue reading

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