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Mass Infant Baptisms… Blah

The patriarch of the Georgian Orthodox Church presided over the baptism of hundreds of babies in a Tbilisi cathedral on Sunday as part of an effort credited with helping raise the birth rate in this former Soviet nation.  Patriarch Ilia … Continue reading

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Welcome, World (Or at Least Most of It)

This map, from my WordPress stats page, shows all the countries from which visitors here have come since Feb 25, 2012.  In short, some of the ‘stans’ in middle Asia are absent (as is Iran…).  Some in west Africa too, … Continue reading

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Huldrych Zwingli to Andreas Osiander

On 6 May, 1527, when the dispute between Luther and Zwingli about the meaning of the Lord’s Supper was really heating up, Zwingli wrote his friend Osiander Sunt quidam hodie tam perverse docti et religiosi, Hosiander colende, ut, quicquid ab … Continue reading

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Another Snippet of a Tease About the Press Conference to Be Held Tuesday, May 8

The media relations department of Hebrew University relates On Tuesday, May 8, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will hold a press conference and private tour to announce all-new findings related to the time of Kings David and Solomon, including presentation … Continue reading

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Perhaps the Wave of Contempt for Governments Sweeping Europe Will also Sweep the US…

And we’ll elect a socialist President like the French have.  Because, let’s face it- the Republicans and Democrats have ruined the country.

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Your Favorite Bloggers Go Shopping for Mother’s Day…

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Mike Bird v. James Crossley: The Smackdown

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Originally posted on Sheffield Biblical Studies:
John Rogerson recently opened the 65th anniversary of the Dept of Biblical Studies at Sheffield with an excellent lecture on ‘New Horizons in Biblical Studies: How Sheffield Helped to Change Things in the 1970s…

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More Maniacal Vandalism in Israel

Apparent anti-Israeli vandals damaged an ancient archaeological site featuring a monk’s mill this weekend in the northern part of the country.  The site, known as the “Monk’s Mill,” dates back about 500 years ago. It was a flour mill, used … Continue reading

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For Your Sunday Morning

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