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A Special Edition of the Video Book Recommendation

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Neoliberalism and Biblioblogging: The View from Sheffield

So far there are two contributions to what will hopefully be a longer series on the Sheffield Biblical Studies blog.  Part one is here and two here. Yes, I sure hope there’s more.

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What Causes Rape?

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Aussies as Young as Ten Are In Alcohol Treatment

Al Jazeera is reporting Drinking alcohol has long been a part of Australian culture.  But today, the country is suffering huge social and economic costs from its love for the drink.  A recent report estimated that the tangible cost for … Continue reading

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The Denunciation of Sin Isn’t ‘Judging’, or ‘Gossip’, It’s Love

From time to time some ‘brave’ anonymous soul drops me an actual letter written on actual paper and put in an actual envelope and actually mailed.  These tiny mailings always feature a blank return address and no signature or name.  … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Party, Harvard and MIT

It’s nice to see the ‘big boys’, the ‘leaders of the education industry’ finally catch up to what some of us have been doing for a decade.  I’m fairly sure that now even those who a few years ago were … Continue reading

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Perverse Greed Reaches a New Low: The Tale of Jami Lynn Toler

A Phoenix woman has been charged with fraud and theft after authorities say she told people she had breast cancer and needed treatment so she could get money from them to buy breast implants.  Police reports filed in Maricopa County … Continue reading

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A Bevy of Essays from Thomas Römer

Thomas has uploaded a bevy of essays to Academia.edu- Römer 2009 Book of Twelve Römer 2011 Genèse 18 Römer 2011 Historical Psalms Römer 2007 guerres de Moïse Römer 2009 Anfänge Römer 1999 sacrifice Römer 2012 Semitica 54, 163-172 Römer 2012, … Continue reading

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Christian Moser’s ‘Die Dignität des Ereignisses: Studien zu Heinrich Bullingers Reformationsgeschichtsschreibung’

Christian’s new volume … examines the published and unpublished historical works and materials written by the Zurich Reformer Heinrich Bullinger primarily considering the Reformation History preserved in his handwritten manuscript from the 1560s. Its origin, sources, and his applied work … Continue reading

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Unsensational Qeiyafa

A new essay by Finkelstein, I. and Fantalkin, A., titled Khirbet Qeiyafa: An Unsensational Archaeological and Historical Interpretation has just appeared in Tel Aviv 39/1: 38–63. The Abstract- The article deals with the finds at the late Iron I settlement … Continue reading

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