The Journal of Global Theology

A new venture by Foundation University (The Netherlands) has launched- a journal titled ‘The Journal of Global Theology‘.

The Journal of Global Theology (Foundation University) seeks to provide insight into the study of Christian Theology from a decidedly Global perspective. We offer readers an opportunity to view theology from various viewpoints while at the same time maintaining both an orthodox Christian viewpoint and an openness to differing Christian traditions. We seek contributions from every corner of the globe and encourage especially contributions from Asia, the Pacific Rim, the African continent, and the Middle East. Nonetheless, contributions from North and South America and Europe are also welcome. The Journal of Global Theology is aiming to promote scholarly discussions, contributions and dialogue in the following fields:

•Contextual Theology
•Intercultural Theology
•Inter-religious Dialogue
•Theology and Internet
•Peace and Justice

Our inaugural issue is about the following theme : “Global theology in the internet era: an examination of the importance of the internet as a tool for the promulgation of Christian theology”

The Journal is actively seeking contributions for the inaugural issue. Visit the link for further details.

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