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The Journal of Global Theology

A new venture by Foundation University (The Netherlands) has launched- a journal titled ‘The Journal of Global Theology‘.

The Journal of Global Theology (Foundation University) seeks to provide insight into the study of Christian Theology from a decidedly Global perspective. We offer readers an opportunity to view theology from various viewpoints while at the same time maintaining both an orthodox Christian viewpoint and an openness to differing Christian traditions. We seek contributions from every corner of the globe and encourage especially contributions from Asia, the Pacific Rim, the African continent, and the Middle East. Nonetheless, contributions from North and South America and Europe are also welcome. The Journal of Global Theology is aiming to promote scholarly discussions, contributions and dialogue in the following fields:

•Contextual Theology
•Intercultural Theology
•Inter-religious Dialogue
•Theology and Internet
•Peace and Justice

Our inaugural issue is about the following theme : “Global theology in the internet era: an examination of the importance of the internet as a tool for the promulgation of Christian theology”

The Journal is actively seeking contributions for the inaugural issue. Visit the link for further details.

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Total Depravity: The Floridian Edition, Featuring Eric Antunes

Florida…  words fail.

When cops came to a man’s house on a tip that he had child pornography, according to authorities, they found something they weren’t expecting.  The Tampa Bay Times reports that Eric Antunes of Clearwater, Fla. was arrested on ten counts of possession of child pornography and an animal cruelty charge after cops said they found pictures of the man having sex with his girlfriend’s dog.  The photos of the alleged bestiality were found on Antunes’ phone, according to police.

Messed up to the 1,000,000,000th power.  The distortion of the natural order and the destruction of moral boundaries is more and more frequent these days.

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If Jerusalem is Described as a Filthy Whore, Is The One Who Calls Her That an Anti-Semite?

What if someone said

… remind the people of Jerusalem of their disgusting sins and tell them that I … am saying: Jerusalem, you were born in the country where Canaanites lived. Your father was an Amorite, and your mother was a Hittite. When you were born, no one cut you loose from your mother or washed your body. No one rubbed your skin with salt and olive oil, and wrapped you in warm blankets. Not one person loved you enough to do any of these things, and no one even felt sorry for you. You were despised, thrown into a field, and forgotten. I saw you lying there, rolling around in your own blood, and I couldn’t let you die. I took care of you, like someone caring for a tender, young plant. You grew up to be a beautiful young woman with perfect breasts and long hair, but you were still naked.

When I saw you again, you were old enough to have sex. So I covered your naked body with my own robe. Then I solemnly promised that you would belong to me and that I … would take care of you. I washed the blood off you and rubbed your skin with olive oil. I gave you the finest clothes and the most expensive robes, as well as sandals made from the best leather. I gave you bracelets, a necklace, a ring for your nose, some earrings, and a beautiful crown. Your jewelry was gold and silver, and your clothes were made of only the finest material and embroidered linen. Your bread was baked from fine flour, and you ate honey and olive oil. You were as beautiful as a queen, and everyone on earth knew it.

I … had helped you become a lovely young woman. You learned that you were attractive enough to have any man you wanted, so you offered yourself to every passerby. You made shrines for yourself and decorated them with some of your clothes. That’s where you took your visitors to have sex with them. These things should never have happened! You made idols out of the gold and silver jewelry I gave you, then you sinned by worshiping those idols. You dressed them in the clothes you got from me, and you offered them the olive oil and incense I gave you. I supplied you with fine flour, olive oil, and honey, but you sacrificed it all as offerings to please those idols. I … watched this happen.

But you did something even worse than that–you sacrificed your own children to those idols! You slaughtered my children, so you could offer them as sacrifices. You were so busy sinning and being a prostitute that you refused to think about the days when you were young and were rolling around naked in your own blood. Now I … say you are doomed! Not only did you do these evil things, but you also built places on every street corner where you disgraced yourself by having sex with anyone who walked by. And you did that more and more every day! To make me angry, you even offered yourself to Egyptians, who were always ready to sleep with you.

So I punished you by letting those greedy Philistine enemies take over some of your territory. But even they were offended by your disgusting behavior. You couldn’t get enough sex, so you chased after Assyrians and slept with them. You still weren’t satisfied, so you went after Babylonians. But those merchants could not satisfy you either. I, the LORD God, say that you were so disgusting that you would have done anything to get what you wanted. You had sex on every street corner, and when you finished, you refused to accept money.

That’s worse than being a prostitute! You are nothing but an unfaithful wife who would rather have sex with strangers than with your own husband. Prostitutes accept money for having sex, but you bribe men from everywhere to have sex with you. You’re not like other prostitutes. Men don’t ask you for sex–you offer to pay them! Jerusalem, you prostitute, listen to me. You chased after lovers, then took off your clothes and had sex. You even worshiped disgusting idols and sacrificed your own children as offerings to them. So I … will gather every one of your lovers, those you liked and those you hated. They will stand around you, and I will rip off your clothes and let all of those lovers stare at your nakedness. I will find you guilty of being an unfaithful wife and a murderer, and in my fierce anger I will sentence you to death!

If the one who said that is an anti-semite, than you have a serious problem, because it’s God who calls Jerusalem a whore (Ez 16:1-38).

[Isn’t it most interesting that if one supports the rights of the Palestinians one is tarred an anti-semite but if the most colorfully unflattering description of Israel is found in the pages of the Bible, not an eyebrow is raised.]


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Dan Savage’s Hypocrisy Addressed

Very well done. Thanks to Nick Norelli for the heads up. [Previously, on Savage’s hypocrisy].


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Some People…

From the twitter of ‘@biblestudentssay’ this gem-

“The Gospel has brought about a 360 degree change in my life…”

!!! I wonder if the little genius knows that’s a complete circle…  Some people are too thick for words.  And this is a college student!

A Prayer:  Dearest Lord, please do your church a favor and under no circumstances call the student who said the above to any post in any Church.  Please.  Else the apocalypse will commence.  Thank you, your devoted, Jim.


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Discovery Just Can’t Help Itself: It Has to Tell Semi-Truths

Look at this absurd headline: ‘Netanyahu’ Seal From Eighth Century B.C. Found

Well that’s just incorrect isn’t it. The seal doesn’t bear a ‘Nun’ it bears a ‘Mem’. It doesn’t say ‘Netanyahu’ it says “Metanyahu’. To be sure, these are similar words and they carry the same intent and meaning- but one is what’s actually found on the seal and the other is a blatant attempt to say something the seal doesn’t.

And then doth the writer write

A 2,700-year-old seal bearing a name similar to Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been unearthed near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the Israel Antiquities Authority said.

‘Similar to’ is correct- so why doesn’t the headline say that? Because the headline wants to misrepresent what the seal actually says and for some reason ‘contemporize’ it. I suppose that’s what sells and that, at the end of the day, is always Discovery’s motive.

Found within the remains of a building dating to the First Temple period‭ ‬ –- between the end of the eighth century B.C. and 586 B.C. — the seal is made of a semiprecious stone.

So, again, why does the headline say ‘8th century’ when that’s merely one end of the age range? Because Discovery likes to hook folk in with half-truths. Now that they have the reader’s attention they may or may not get the facts right. Unfortunately lots of dilettantes will see the headline and never notice the contents of the ‘report’. And they’ll run around saying ‘Netanyahu was found on an 8th century seal!’ Neither of which is true.

According to the ancient Hebrew inscription, it belonged to Matanyahu, who was the son of a man whose name started with the letters “Ho” : ‭”Lematanyahu Ben Ho ‭… “‬ (meaning:‭ “Belonging to Matanyahu Ben Ho ‭…”‬).‭ ‬ Unfortunately, the rest of the inscription is erased. ‭

And unfortunately, Discovery is more interested in sensationalistic headlines than factual ones.


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Archaeological Tease: The Valley of Elah and Yosef Garfinkel’s Big Reveal

Via Joseph Lauer


Hebrew University archaeologist to reveal new findings at press conference and archaeological tour: On Tuesday, May 8, Prof. Yosef Garfinkel from the Institute of Archaeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will announce an archaeological discovery with implications for archaeology, history and biblical studies. The announcement, including artifacts never seen by the public, will take place at a press conference on the Mt. Scopus campus. A tour of the archaeological site will follow.

—9 a.m.: Registration, equipment setup and light breakfast
—9:30 – 11 a.m.: Press conference at Mt. Scopus campus
—12:30 p.m.: Tour of archeological site.

LOCATION: PRESS CONFERENCE: Senate Hall in the Sherman Administration Building, the Hebrew University’s Mt. Scopus campus.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE: Approximately 30 km. southwest of Jerusalem, in the Valley of Elah. —Directions will be provided at the press conference.

Something to anticipate for next Tuesday.  I’m not a gambler, but I suspect it has something to do with something they’ve found at Qeiyafa.  That, or they’ve finally found Goliath’s rattle.


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New Jersey: The Texas of the Northeast

I.e., loon central.

A New Jersey mother was arrested after her 5-year-old daughter sustained burns from time she spent in a tanning booth.  Patricia Krentcil, 44, is out on bail following her arrest on a second degree child endangerment charge.  “The little girl went to school and reported she had these burns and that caused the school to contact authorities,” Katherine Carter, spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, told

Carter declined to name the Nutley, N.J. tanning salon, citing the “ongoing investigation.”  Krentcil’s daughter is in the custody of her father, Carter said.  New Jersey law prohibits anyone under the age of 14 from using a tanning booth. Older teens are allowed to tan but only with parental consent.

Tanning is bad, bad, bad for you.  She might as well inject her tiny one with cancer cells.  And, equally pressing (at least for me) – what the devil is up with her lips????

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The Latest ‘Genizah Fragments’

The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit at Cambridge publishes a newsletter titled ‘Genizah Fragments’, the most recent edition, which arrived in the mail yesterday, features a description of the restoration of a fragment of Leviticus 9:4-6 (photo below) by the inestimably bright Ben Outhwaite.

click to enlarge

You can receive the Newsletter simply by requesting a copy from its editor, Dr. Outhwaite, at

Dr Ben Outhwaite
Head of the Genizah Research Unit
Cambridge University Library
West Road, Cambridge
CB3 9DR, United Kingdom

[NB- The road was not, in fact, named after me- just so that’s clear].

Furthermore, should you ever have a chance to visit the library, do so!  Here are some photos I snapped when SOTS met at Cambridge in 2009 and we were treated to a private lecture at the Unit as well as a tour of many of the manuscripts which had been laid out for us:

(photos were taken without flash)

(I’m no rule breaker!)

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The Roots of the Reformation

Adrianna Wright of IVP Academic has sent along a volume for review titled The Roots of the Reformation (thanks, A!).

Renowned historian G. R. Evans revisits the question of what happened at the Reformation. Contravening traditional paradigms of interpretation, Evans charts the controversies and challenges that roiled the era of the Reformation and argues that these are really part of a much longer history of discussion and disputation. Evans takes up several issues, such as Scripture, ecclesiology, authority, sacraments and ecclesio-political relations, and traces the shape of the charged discussions that orbited around these through the patristic, medieval and Reformation eras. In this, she demonstrates that in many ways the Reformation was in considerable continuity with the periods that preceded it, though the consequential outcome of the debates in the sixteenth century was dramatically different.

It contains the following major sections:

Part 1: Bible and Church: The Questions Begin
Part 2: Continuity and Change in the Middle Ages
Part 3: Continuity and Change from the Reformation

Here’s my ‘Vreview’


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It’s Bad to be Forgotten…

A San Diego college student who federal drug agents forgot and left in a holding cell for five days without food, water or access to a toilet said Tuesday that he drank his own urine to survive.

Daniel Chong also said that he bit into his glasses to break them and tried to use a shard to scratch “Sorry Mom” into his arm, according to U-T San Diego ( ).

The 24-year-old University of California, San Diego, engineering student was swept up as one of nine suspects in an April 21 drug raid that netted 18,000 ecstasy pills, other drugs and weapons.

Chong said federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents told him he would be let go. One agent even promised to drive him home from the DEA field office in Kearny Mesa, he said.

Yikes.  That’s no good.  This isn’t Iraq.  I can feel a lawsuit coming on, and this time it’s certainly justifiable.

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